WWE: Why I Think the Miz Should Retain the Title vs. Cena at Wrestlemania XXVII

Joel GarciaContributor IIMarch 10, 2011

Hello fellow Bleachers,

Once again I am back with something that has clicking in my brain (so to speak) as of late.

So why do I think that The Miz should retain the WWE Championship? The answer is quite simple really. Lets face it, if John Cena wins the WWE Championship, The Miz would get a rematch clause of course, but I wouldn't really like the chances of The Miz winning and thus we have another lengthy title reign from Cena and it would be back at square one. This would be where Cena would be introduced into another main event with another main eventer (or maybe some mid-carder perhaps?) and The Miz would be pushed to mid-card status once again.

That's what I think would happen if John Cena were to win the WWE Championship at Wrestlemania XXVII.

The Miz should retain the WWE Championship so he can continue to be a major heel and have another championship match against someone who isn't John Cena.

The Miz is one great heel of a character and is very entertaining to watch, to say the least. Not to take anything away from John Cena—he is one, dedicated to the WWE, entertaining son of a gun who will NEVER GIVE UP!!!!

But can't Cena take a step back to the mid-card/main event position to where he is not involved in a championship match? 

Yeah I know people will disagree with me on that one, but think about it. Fans are complaining (booing more like it) that Cena never loses a match, calling him "Super Cena" etc. 

So why can't Cena take a drop back and help out the mid-card area for a bit, while The Miz went on to continue his reign for a while (not too long though, but a lengthy reign)?

Okay guys, that's it from me once again. Leave you're comments, thoughts, love/hate whatever lol.

Peace out, take care Bleachers