Charger Smack Talk: Give It a Rest...Ya Pencil Neck Geek

Ian PhilipAnalyst IIIJanuary 12, 2008

From the San Diego Union Tribune’s Tim Sullivan:

Given the umbrage the Chargers took to New England's provocative playoff celebration last Jan. 14, ESPN radio host Mike Greenberg said he found himself getting “steamed” watching the Chargers' comportment last weekend against Tennessee.

“There is no team in the NFL that celebrates nothing more than they do,” Greenberg told his listeners on Monday's “Mike & Mike in The Morning” show. “I mean there is no team where every tackle is greeted like they're getting up and doing a dance like it's a bar mitzvah. “Every pass that you catch for your pedestrian 7-yard gain, guys are getting up and glaring in people's faces. The defense is celebrating like crazy. Even (LaDainian) Tomlinson is a demonstrative celebrator.” Oh shut up. He was only steamed because he wanted the Chargers to lose.

Either this guy is an idiot or he is just full of crap. He is probably not an idiot, but he is just full of crap. Anyone with half a brain knows that there is more smack talking on a professional football field than the law allows. After the game, however, teams usually hug and pat each other on the back. The Patriots proceeded to taunt the Chargers AFTER the game was over.

If you don’t know the difference between gamesmanship and disrespect on a football field, then I don’t know what to tell you. Greenberg knows, he’s just full of bull(crap).

The Chargers do not get up and stare guys down after seven yard gains. That is ridiculous. I mean, that is just a flat out lie. What does one say to that? What is with this guy? They dance after every tackle? Come on man. Please.

The defense DEFINITELY does celebrate like crazy and they should. They tried to do it the media’s way and stopped the celebrations after every big play, which means they stopped playing with emotion. That was dumb. The Bolts barely beat the Bears. They got drubbed by the New England Patriots. The Green Bay Packers got them. But the doo-doo hit the fan with Damon Huard and the Chiefs got over IN San Diego. No, this team plays with emotion now.

Since they threw that passive approach in the toilet, the defense has sacked, forced fumbled, and intercepted their way from 1-3 disaster to an 11-5 division championship. If a team wants to stop the Chargers from dancing, then they darn well better run the ball with authority like the Vikings and Jaguars did. Dropping back to pass on every down is going to result in a Luis Castillo salsa dance on the field.

Guys are back flipping, light switching, mock bowling, finger rolling, ball spinning, in your face grinning, chest bumping, while head lumping and quarterback dumping. There is only one way to stop it. Run the ball with authority.

All this crying from veterans that some of the Chargers have only been in the league for three of four years, thus should know their place (because they haven’t done anything), is the biggest joke I have ever heard. The only old-timers the Chargers should show reverence to on the football field are their own veterans like Lorenzo Neal, Tomlinson, or Chris Chambers. Guys on other teams like Champ Bailey are just old and in the way.