2011 Masters: Can Tiger Woods Win His Fifth Green Jacket at Augusta?

Trevor Lowry@@TheTrevorLowryContributor IMarch 10, 2011

2011 Masters: Can Tiger Woods Win His Fifth Green Jacket at Augusta?

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    Although the 2011 Masters is a month away, there is one question on everyone's mind: Can Tiger Woods win?

    Tiger Woods has not won a golf tournament in over a year. As a result, he has dropped to No. 5 in the world rankings.

    The 2011 Masters could be just what Tiger needs to get back on track. Woods has been struggling lately, but it is possible for him to win the 2011 Masters.

Long Overdue

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    Tiger Woods has not won in over a year. He is simply overdue, and the Masters could be the tournament that gets him back on track.

    Woods is way too good of a player to be this bad for this long. The other players on the PGA Tour have been given a blessing with Tiger's struggles; however, these struggles have to end sometime. 

    This is the worst drought in Tiger's career. Eventually his struggles have to come to an end. What better time than the Masters. 

Has Been Working on His Game

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    Tiger Woods has been working on his golf game. This work has not just been simple adjustments. However, Tiger's swing has been looked at from every different angle.

    Tiger Woods has worked with a couple of different people in his golf career. Every time Tiger got a new swing coach, he would start off cold. When he got everything worked out, however, he started winning again.

    This is exactly what will happen once again. Tiger and his new swing coach are making progress on Tiger's swing, and eventually all of the pieces will be put together. When this happens, the PGA better watch out—Tiger Woods will be back.

    One of the main issues about Tiger Woods' game is the hardest thing to fix in golf: his mental game. Tiger Woods went through a divorce with his wife, and there is no way that he could have been dominating going through the tough times that he did.

    His image—along with his relationship with his wife—were crushed. Now that Tiger has had some time to heal, he can focus his whole mind and self on golf. 

Tiger Has Had Success at Augusta

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    Tiger Woods has had a lot of success at Augusta. He has won the Masters four times in his career. 

    It is almost unheard of to win any golf tournament four times, let alone the most prestigious tournament in golf. Simply put, Tiger loves to play at Augusta. His four green jackets are proof of this. 

    Tiger knows the course extremely well, and he is going to be doing everything possible to prepare for this tournament, like he always has done.

Too Good of a Player

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    Tiger Woods is too good of a player to be struggling for this long. He arguably is the best to ever play the game of golf. 

    Tiger Woods is simply an amazing golfer. 71 PGA Tour wins and 14 Major Championships are proof of this. One of the main reasons why Tiger has been so good in his career is because he has such a good mental game.

    He has lost this part of his game, but it is starting to come back.

    Tiger goes into every tournament thinking that he is going to win. If he comes anything short of that then he simply failed. 

    Throughout Tiger's career, he has been so clutch and consistent. That is what makes Tiger Woods so good.

    Anyone on the PGA Tour is capable of shooting a good round in golf. What makes Tiger so special is he can duplicate a good performance over and over again.

    Other golfers on the Tour fear playing in Tiger Woods' group. He is simply the best player in golf and although he has been struggling, he will return to his dominant form.

    Tiger Woods is going to win the 2011 Masters, which will end his struggles.