WWE and the PG Censorship Going Away? My Two Pennies on WWE's Recent Shows

Iqbal Siraj@IqzyContributor IIMarch 9, 2011

Okay, this is not an article on how PG sucks or Attitude era is coming back; we've seen enough of them, and it's getting boring. Remember the last time Stone Cold came to host, just before last WrestleMania?

It was unbearable to watch because they censored nearly every word he said and the programming just showed us that we are actually watching a show catered for kids.

Well recently, USA Network, including Sky Sports around UK and Europe, have stopped censorship on words and allowing the programming to flow without censoring words like "Bitch" or "Ass." We can finally go through their programs without that censor man pressing the censor button every time someone uses those words, and we can finally watch it in peace.

Well, The Rock actually started this. If you remember when he did return to give us that speech, they did censor words, but rumors are circulating that Vince actually told USA network to stop censoring it because that was The Rock's persona, and it would ruin what he was famous for.

Now they do not even attempt to do it, and we are getting more and more edgy comments from other superstars like Superman Eminem Cena and The Miz. The campy comedy routines are getting lower, although we got that waste of space Jersey Shore star Snooki, who appeared on TNA Impact just last year, which would probably get campy unless they only give her like a five-minute segment.

We have not seen Hornswoggle as much, although he is on NXT but who watches that crap. Then Kozlov and Santino are actually not doing comedy routines as they are getting a bit serious to capture the titles again. So WWE looks as if they are going in the right direction.

In other news, Michael Cole's performance when Stone Cold stunnered JBL and signed the contract to become the special guest referee for Cole's match with Lawler at Wrestlemania was hilarious.

The way he was saying the words sounded like he was crying and the fact Swagger said he will handle Stone Cold sounds as if Stone Cold would make another appearance before WrestleMania, even though he could mean on the day.

I won't be surprised if Lawler has someone in his corner, possibly the rumored Jimmy Hart or Lawler's cousin Honky Tonk Man.

Cole is the most legit heel in the business today, possibly on the same level as Vickie, and although he is so annoying, everyone wants him fired and JR back, you have to admit he is playing his character so well it works. But I do hope JR gets to call WrestleMania as there would be space there for a main commentator, possibly having the wonderful Josh Matthews, Matt Striker and Jim Ross together.

The return of Trish Stratus for next week is another major announcement, where we could see them setting up a match with Trish and Beth against LayCool at WrestleMania with Vickie Guerrero in LayCool's corner. 

Is it me, or was Miz actually funnier than Cena yesterday? Cena tries too hard, his comments are too campy because of that stupid kiddy smile he does after each sentence and he just is not taking things seriously.

Miz's facial expressions of being pissed, doing the People's Elbow and showing that he should not be the under thought was nicely done and sets up a war of words between the three. 

Sheamus going for the US Title and is on a losing streak? Wow, how low do they think of Sheamus that he went from becoming a two-time WWE Champion to being on a losing streak and threatening to quit if he does not win the US Title.

I ain't complaining because Daniel Bryan needs another feud, as for some reason there has been no follow up from The Miz attacking him and that Ted DiBiase feud. Daniel Bryan and Dolph Ziggler had some 5-star matches last year, and Sheamus IS a phenomenal wrestler if they let this feud play out nicely.

In regards to Dolph Ziggler, and in relation to Sheamus's quitting statement, does anyone give a crap anymore when they issue an ultimatum like that, or when somebody does get fired? Dolph gets fired but mysteriously gets hired back by a computer on RAW.

Kelly Kelly recently comes back after being fired. Edge gets fired for 30 minutes and returns. I just hope someone literally fires the laptop. Dolph has the look, charisma and wrestling ability to make it to the top, and he has apparently been World Champion for two minutes so hopefully RAW uses him right and not bury him under superman Cena and the indestructible "I hit the RKO even when I am dying" Orton.

Talking about Orton, he was bruised, battered, beaten on concrete then in the ring by three other men, and somehow he gets enough energy to RKO two of them in the ring after getting beaten the whole match. Something is telling me the superman status is rubbing off onto Orton.

CM Punk is the Jericho of today, who can make any feud work and I believe if he had that same feud Edge and Kane had, he would make it look magic, because face it that feud stank poo.

In slightly smaller news, it's great having Christian back in the WWE and in a quality feud. Alberto Del Rio deserved all the things that came to him. He has shown why he was so popular in Mexico and his feud with Edge is one of the best in years. Adding Christian to the mix could be a good or bad idea, but I hope it does not become a triple threat as that would disrespect the wrestlers that went through that hellacious Elimination Chamber only to be overthrown by a returning superstar.

Last but not least, what about that Johnny Cash theme song for the Undertaker. I don't know, Undertaker is actually talking normal and not a deadman, so why not get him out of that gimmick because it is getting too old now; revert him back to normal Big Evil Taker we all loved in the early 2000s.

Ain't it funny though, he gets buried alive by Nexus or Kane and there is no remorse? Why don't the writers want us to remember the fact Triple H actually faced Taker at a WrestleMania? Hmmmm...

Well the feuds are coming along nicely in my opinion, and I cannot wait for WrestleMania, Hall of Fame and not forgetting the day after WrestleMania when I believe superstars like Sin Cara (Mistico) and Awesome Kong would debut. Watch this space!

Hope you enjoyed the article and as always, please comment below with your opinions. Thanks.