WWE/TNA: If There Were a Trade Deadline, Who Would You Deal?

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WWE/TNA: If There Were a Trade Deadline, Who Would You Deal?

In the real world of professional sports such as the National Football League, or the National Basketball Association, there are a group of teams that are all under one umbrella.  These teams are all striving year after year with the ultimate goal of being the World Champion in their respective trade.  In trying to achieve that goal teams use tools such as free agency, the yearly draft, or trades to add parts to their team in the areas where they need improvement.

Unfortunately, the Professional Wrestling world does not have the luxury of every promotion being under that one umbrella.

For instance, on the field, and off, the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox are bitter rivals.  These two franchises are not trying to sink one another though.  They are always trying to out dual one another to acquire the best available player.  Yet they still need one another to help the MLB stay profitable and popular.

Professional Wrestling does not have that type of give and take relationship.  It's more a relationship of take.  In the pro-wrestling world there are only two major promotions left.  They are Total Nonstop Action, and World Wrestling Entertainment.  These two are followed by a less known promotion which is Ring of Honor, but even this promotion is rather insignificant to this point.

This is going to be a fantasy slide show.  What if TNA and the WWE were under that same umbrella, and though they were still competing with one another for viewers, they still needed each other to survive?  WWE has proven that they can survive without TNA, but they have also proven that without any competition their content becomes rather lackluster and quite stale.

What if the big two promotions didn't have to wait for contracts to expire?  What if the 90 day clauses were waived so that the newly acquired talent could compete immediately?  What if TNA and the WWE had a trade deadline, and over the course of a couple hours the landscapes and rosters were reshaped to help both promotions succeed.  Not in the goal of a championship, but for the ratings, fan support, and money.  The three particulars wrestling promoters like Vince McMahon and Dixie Carter are in pursuit of.

This slide show is going to showcase several trades.  However, just like in the professional sports world they will have to prove beneficial to both parties.  They won't just be a trade that I wish would happen so I could see a particular dream match.  Both promotions are still a business, and want to succeed.  They aren't just going to give away their top talent for nothing.  In this fantasy scenario, Raw and Smackdown are both still considered their brands, so any superstar that they would trade would leave their brand and they would get the superstar from TNA they traded for.  The incoming formerly TNA superstar isn't just placed anywhere.  In addition, there are no trademarked names, a traded superstar resumes their identity or gimmick in their new promotion, however their new employer can change their gimmick, and no current champions can be traded. 

All of the trades will include a breakdown of why the superstar or superstars were traded, and why it's beneficial for both sides.

At the end of the slide show, you then become the commissioner per say, like Roger Goodell of the NFL, or Bud Selig of the MLB.  I would like you to comment if you choose to do so, in regards to any trades you would veto and why.  To take it one step further, submit a trade yourself, and I will act as the commissioner.  I will either prove or reject it, and I will give details to why I ruled the way I did.




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