Aftermath of WrestleMania 27: Anticipating and Speculating on Whats to Come

Tyler WilliamsAnalyst IIIMarch 9, 2011

Not to skip past the biggest the event on purpose already but we are simply looking forward to what comes after WrestleMania 27.

WWE has been working to change things up and gain momentum again in ratings—especially around this time a year. WWE has pulled no punches, they've been throwing KO’s left and right.

It all started at the Royal Rumble with the surprising returns of Kevin Nash who retracted back to his Diesel persona and Booker T made an impact as well. Not only that, WWE made a bang with Albert Del Rio winning the Royal Rumble which is huge.

Ever since Brock Lesnar decided to leave it seemed WWE was hesitant on making fast pushes for young talent. Which is understandable, as you don’t want to put all this effort into a talent then just have them leave for certain reasons.

But to continue, WWE decided to get back into the reality game with the majorly revamped Tough Enough which is soon to make a debut…with the main host being Stone Cold Steve Austin. He would not be alone though as Booker T, Bill Demott and Trish Stratus would join as trainers.

Once you thought WWE was done they come back with another KO they finally signed a very well-anticipated talent formerly known as Mistico, now known as Sin Cara; this is a great thing for WWE as they keep looking to expand their talent from all areas.

Now for the real shock of the year! No not 2.21.11 or 3.3.11 but the true shock of the year, The Rock returning to the WWE to host WrestleMania 27.

Things have been looking good for the major league company so far and things should continue to roll leading into the big event.

WrestleMania 27 should deliver no matter how the card forms, there should be a few show-stopping moments, Undertaker continues his streak and maybe a shocker.

So since everyone is dialed in on the biggest event of the year and non-stop talking about it…now would be a great time to look past the event for once and anticipate and speculate what will unfold afterwards.


Okay this storyline has dragged on forever and I mean forever and its right about time to come from behind the keyboard and reveal who the GM is.

One of the biggest reasons WWE probably hasn’t unveiled who the GM is because they probably don’t have an idea who they want it to be.

Now if you ask me, they should make it Diesel but they would have to connect why he would favor Nexus and the Miz a lot of time along the way.

But after seeing Vickie on Raw this week maybe WWE will throw a curve ball and make it her some way…either way it has to end.

This anonymous thing needs to end with a bang, especially since fans have been sitting and waiting for so long it will be a letdown if it just a random candidate.

So with that said, after WrestleMania would be the perfect time to pull the plug on this whole “Anonymous” thing!


With Undertaker and Triple H going to battle at WrestleMania 27 you have to wonder will this be both of their last matches at the biggest event.

A lot of people have been speculating that Triple H is looking to retire within a year and not only that, but the phenom is getting closer and closer to the end as well.

Both of them have had multiple injuries over the years, with every match being harder to get through as they have become older and the pain from over the years is catching up.

So if this is the last hurrah what will happen after leading into their grand finale?

It would seem both men would end their careers with an awesome run especially with a title in hand.

But that might not be the case for the Undertaker as Albert Del Rio is looking to win the belt at WM 27 and have a lengthy run as WWE is looking to diminish short title runs.

So could we finally see the “Dead-Man” come to Raw?

It would make sense, it would shake things up and would add more room for younger talent to get over on SmackDown.

It would be a refreshing start/end for the Undertaker to work with young talent on Raw who he hasn’t worked with yet and help build careers and maybe along the way win the WWE belt.

Now for Triple H maybe we could see him turn heel and maybe he was the one behind the Nexus/Corre thing—you know, the “BIGGER PURPOSE”.

It seems Triple H brings his best out when he is heel, as he loves playing that role. Maybe we can see him start back up the feud with Sheamus when he is healthy.

Either way if this is the start for the end for both men this year looks to be a good one!


Now this thing is starting to get a bit stale, it’s losing traction and momentum which is not a good thing.

Its obvious WWE started this thing to build up these guys, especially Wade Barrett, to help push him into the main event scene.

But Barrett from the beginning always stated there was a “bigger picture” but what does he mean? We have yet to find out.

Now there are two groups on opposite shows, Nexus with new leader CM Punk on Raw and Corre on SmackDown. It looked like maybe these two would have an epic battle at WM 27 but that plan has been pulled.

So what will become of these two groups after the aftermath of WM 27…well maybe we should figure this whole big picture thing out first!

Then after that, get these guys on each stable established, otherwise the whole thing was kind of pointless. Stables are to build guys and if that’s not accomplished then it was kind of a waste.

After that is complete they need to disband but disband with a bang—end the two stables on a high note that possibly will lead to a fresh new storyline.


Now this is one of the biggest thing fans look forward to after WrestleMania goes down. This shakes things up, creates new feuds and story lines.

Now let’s see who should make some moves:


First off if John Cena wins at WM 27 he should take the belt to SmackDown and have the World Title holder—most likely Del Rio—come to Raw. It would be a good switch-up and it would send Cena back to his roots, where he started his career. Not only that—if Undertaker was to come to Raw, Cena would make sense going to SmackDown to add more “star power”.

Okay now to the other picks…

John Morrison: JoMo needs a new fresh start and what would be better than to have him go to the blue brand. Picture him feuding with Del Rio or maybe even Sin Cara (which would be the most likely spot Sin Cara will land).

This will also be the most likely brand he will finally get the push he deserves!

Evan Bourne: This high-flyer needs a new beginning as well and there really is nowhere for him to go on Raw to be honest. Just like Morrison there could be some awesome feuds in the path of Bourne if he were to cross over to SD.

Ted DiBiase: This young potential main-eventer could make a splash on the SmackDown brand and could begin his journey to the main title scene picture and he would add depth like Morrison and Bourne; maybe even feud with his former partner Cody Rhodes.

Sheamus: Would make a great fit for the blue brand as he is not a favorite of the head writer of Raw as it seems. So maybe he could catch fire on SmackDown and actually be a king!


Edge: Needs to come back to Raw—if it wasn’t for the Del Rio feud he would be still on Smackdown. The whole Kane feud was pointless and very annoying with the whole Paul Bearer “KANE…KANE…KANE” cry.

Edge fits a bit better on Raw anyways and if this is his last run in the pro wrestling game why not end it on the A show.

Now before I continue I see the Smackdown brand as the building young talent brand…it's where Cena and Orton started their run to the top.

So this is why it shouldn’t hurt to send Undertaker and Edge to Raw and plus it would make big changes.

Kane: Just for no reason just to do it…he’s the “big red machine” so let him lose on the big red show!

Chris Masters: He has been getting good reviews as of late with company officials and impressing a lot of people. So why not build on that and see how he would far on Raw. He could feud with guys like Daniel Bryan and maybe move up the ladder and maybe feud with Orton.


There is really no point to NXT anymore it seems like a major waste of time and the current winners are not getting pushes any way and are being made out as jobbers.

Plus on top of that, WWE brought back Tough Enough which is a way better concept to many fans.

WWE should throw one more season out but have it as a tag team special…


Many fans have been frustrated with the tag team division which is very understandable as we've seen awesome moments with that division, even matches that stole the show at WM. So why is WWE turning its back on something that used to be so great.

Well WWE is all about expanding and with the new fans and as such, WWE seems to feel tag team wrestling is not part of the formula.

But there are a lot of things they could do to get this division back to what it used to be. One thing that I mentioned is to have a tag team NXT. It would expand the division and get a better look on how tag teams work.

Another thing WWE should do is make a new system for the belts—not only for the tag team belts, but for all the belts.

If you want to gain interest make the division exciting throw in a new system that only apply to the tag team division.

Okay that is it for my latest piece on what we could or might see in the WWE after the biggest event of the year.

What do you think WWE should do after WM 27?

Let your thoughts be known…thank you for checking out my latest piece.

Hope you all enjoyed!


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