Paul Heyman "Stratisfied" With The Success of Trish Stratus

Tim ListAnalyst ISeptember 29, 2008

Former ECW Owner Paul Heyman offered his opinion of Trish Stratus, former WWE Womens' Champion, in a blog posted on the UK Sun's website as part of the Heyman Hustle series for the Brit tabloid.


Hysterically, Heyman admits he had, and still has, a crush on Trish, but brags about her being able to overcome the fact that she's a busty blonde bombshell sex symbol.


As always with Heyman, who worked with Stratus in World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), its a great read and a good look inside the real personality behind the on-camera persona. A highly recommended read.

Key excerpt:


I can't seem to recall any objections I ever raised to a script that involved a scantily clad Trish Stratus. Hey, hey, hey. Easy. It was good for ratings. Uh huh. And I read Playboy for the articles, too!


But here's where Trish really earned everyone's respect. In an environment where she could have made fantastic money just taking an occasional bump, doing the typical bra and panties matches, and stealing the show on all the "Divas In Paradise" DVD releases, Trish Stratus wanted to offer more.


She wanted to give the WWE audience a more complete package than just a busty glamour girl. She desired to be respected by her peers not just for her awesome looks, but for her drive, ambition, and talent.


Trish was not satisfied just being pro wrestling's hottest babe. She felt compelledto push herself past her own limits and learn how to be a great female wrestler.

So Trish trained in the ring with the same vigour that she attacked the fitness world a few years earlier. She didn't want to just be good, she wanted to be the best. And that was no easy task. While Trish had to devote so much of her time to building her body, it would be even harder to learn how to become a top notch wrestler.

As gruelling a workout schedule as Trish must have had in the 1990s to become a famous cover girl, learning the tricks of the wrestling trade required dedication, sacrifice, and pain.  None of which she had to endure because Trish would have survived, even THRIVED, for years "just being Trish. 


But that wasn't enough for her. “I want to do it because I know I can,” she'd tell people. “And I'm going to do it, because it's the type of challenge that drives me!”

While no female wrestler's career can truly be compared to The Fabulous Moolah's, I think you'd be hard-pressed to say that Trish Stratus wasn't the greatest female wrestler of the modern era. 


And when she was at the height of her popularity, having achieved enough respect that she actually had hands-on influence in her own storylines, Trish decided to conquer other worlds.


She could have easily made big money for no less than another five years in WWE. But instead, she ventured out into the unknown and tried her hand at other things that interested her.

You can read the blog in its entirety, as well as view an exclusive slideshow gallery of fantastic pictures of Trish's recent world travels at this link: