Mark Webber: How Will He Stack Up Against Vettel?

Daniel LamCorrespondent ISeptember 29, 2008

Sebastien Vettel may have won the Italian Grand Prix this year, but next season things won't be too easy. Instead of having Sebastien Bourdais as a teammate; with his promotion to Red Bull Racing, he will be trying to beat the ever consistent providing the car finishes Mark Webber .

Webber has always been consistently faster then nearly all of his teammates, but will Sebastien Vettel fall trap to it too?

Right from his days at at Minardi he beat Alex Yoong with the two points he scored at Melbourne on debut. Providing he finished, Webber always finished higher then Yoong. Upon his move to Jaguar, Webber also finished in front of teammate for most of the season Antonio Pizzonia. He also managed the same feat in his second year at Jaguar this time against Christian Klien.

2005 proved to be a turning point, after signing with Williams and with much hype; Webber struggled against Nick Heidfield. Heidfield scored when Webber was involved in incidents, for example Malaysian and European Grand Prix's in which Heidfield scored podium's when Webber was involved in race incidents. Heidfield ended on 28 points whilst Webber on 24 points at the point Heidfield was injured. Webber though was the more consistent.

In 2006, Webber was joined by newly crowned GP2 champion in the Cosworth powered Williams. The season proved to be full of dissapointment's for the Aussie. With the chance to win at Australia and Monaco; and a podium at Germany(Hockenhiem) before reliability issues forced him to retire. Webber though managed to reach his feat of earlier seasons beating his teammate in every race providing he finished.

With much disappointment at Williams Webber switched to Red Bull Racing in 2007. Paired up against thirteen time race winner David Coulthard, this however brought more disappointment for Webber with more reliability issues for the Adrian Newey designed cars. Webber however managed to score a podium at a rain effected European Grand Prix at Nurburgring.

Webber also had another chance to score another podium if not a win at a also rain effected Japanese Grand Prix before being taken out by none other then Sebastien Vettel. Webber ended the season on 10 points whilst Coulthard on 14 points, however Webber was much faster throughout the season, with only getting the up with Webber's Japanese Grand Prix incident, in which Coulthard finished fourth.

For 2008 Webber scored at five consecutive races, giving him an edge of Coulthard. However Webber wasn't able to capitalise on safety cars at the Canadian Grand Prix in which a race Coulthard scored a podium, his only points scoring position till Singapore.

Webber, though wasn't able to get a streak of points again, with only three more points scoring finishes. As of the Singapore Grand Prix, Webber leads Coulthard on 20 points as opposed to Coulthard's 8 points.

Sebastien Vettel will surely put a challenge for Webber, though the experience of Webber may prove the pivoting role. Vettel is fast but lacks consistency, whilst Webber can produce solid results providing his car holds up. Webber's qualifying ability may also be another pivoting role.