The Rock vs John Cena: The Miz Invites Himself to the Party

Michael JohnsonContributor IMarch 8, 2011

What was supposed to be a final knockout delivered by John Cena to The Rock, turned out to be The Miz's coming out party.

Overshadowed for weeks in the hype surrounding the return of the People's Champ, The Miz finally gained a measure of respect and effectively shifted the focus of his WWE championship defense at WrestleMania to himself. After all, he is the WWE champion, and the focus should be on him.

John Cena came to the ring to begin the last segment of Raw promising a final knockout, but delivered more of a love tap to The Great One. After Rocky mocked Cena's hip-hop posturing last week, I didn't expect Cena to use his Doctor of Thug-onomics tactics again so soon. Cena didn't express the same intensity he did two weeks ago and his rap performance suffered greatly for it. The rap from two weeks ago reminded everyone he is the current face of the WWE.

Maybe a traditional promo would have been the way to go here.  

I thought The Rock’s presence in the WWE would galvanize Cena, and force him to give quality performances each week. Sadly, this has not been the case. For two consecutive weeks, Cena has reverted to his comedy tactics which no one over 15-years-old finds funny. I don’t blame Cena completely, and I feel his focus is being pointed in the wrong direction.

The Rock hasn’t appeared live on Raw for three weeks now, and it must be challenging to John Cena and the writers to figure out a way to keep the enthusiasm for The Rock’s return, while at the same time appearing he cares about regaining the WWE Championship.

John Cena seems to be very determined to prove his mic skills are on par with Rocky’s, and it is to his detriment. While it is important for Cena to measure up to The Rock, what Cena (or perhaps more accurately, the writers) is failing to realize is that Cena made his point two weeks ago.

Why does Cena have to make The Rock his primary target?

The Rock is making John Cena’s point for him. If Cena were dismissive of The Rock, he would be more successful in affirming his position; that Cena loves the fans more than The Rock.

John Cena needed help realizing where his attention should be, and The Miz was more than willing to assist him. After Cena finished his underwhelming promo, The Miz appeared from under the ring and blasted Cena with two belt shots.

After gloating and delivering a couple of bars (stanza) of his own to the fallen rapper, Miz got this close to the camera and introduced himself to The Rock directly.

After threatening to violate The Rock with a vast collection of objects ranging from realistic (sunglasses), abstract (sunglasses) and impossible (ancestors), Miz stopped mid catchphrase to deliver the Skull-Crushing Finale and People’s Elbow to a recovering Cena before finishing his sentence.

What The Miz accomplished was spectacular and something that John Cena has failed to do; he gave the proper attention to his actual opponent at WrestleMania. He addressed The Rock, and he made us look forward to a Rock/Miz confrontation. The Miz needed, badly, to insert himself into the main event hype and he did just that last night.