NFL Trade Rumors: 10 Vets Whose Off-the-Field Personality Hurt Their Trade Value

Michael MillSenior Analyst IIIMarch 9, 2011

NFL Trade Rumors: 10 Vets Whose Off-the-Field Personality Hurt Their Trade Value

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    The game of football is played on the field, but sometimes it's what happens off the field that impacts teams.

    Every season, there are hundreds of trade rumors swirling around the league prior to the NFL Draft.

    Despite the current CBA problems, this year is no different.

    Here are ten players, whose off-the-field personalities will hurt their trade value this offseason.

10. Brandon Jacobs

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    Over the last few days we have heard that Brandon Jacobs wants out of New York.

    Then that statement was denied.

    This all began in the middle of the season, when Jacobs was benched after throwing his helmet into the stands during the Giants game against the Colts.

    If Jacobs does want out of New York he may have hurt his stock with this one slip up.

    Jacobs is a bit of a hot head, teams may steer clear of his rash personality.

9. Donovan McNabb

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    Donovan McNabb? Off-field-personality problems?


    I'm not saying that McNabb does have any off-field problems, but let's look at his recent history.

    McNabb had a falling out with the Eagles organization. He has obviously had some major head-butting with Redskin's coach Mike Shanahan.

    McNabb may say all the right things when the spotlight is on him, but is it possible that there may be some problems behind the scenes.

    Again, I'm not saying this is a fact. It's just something to consider.

8. Reggie Bush

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    There are many reasons to welcome the addition of Reggie Bush in any city.

    At the same time, there are reasons to stay away as well.

    Bush made mistakes in his past. Matt Barkley and the rest of the USC football team is suffering for those mistakes.

    It's possible that Bush may have just been young and dumb, but how can any team know for sure he learned from those mistakes.

    He has underachieved so far at the pro level, so is it worth taking a chance on him when there are questions about his personality?

7. Chad Ochocinco

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    It's hard for me to see past my bias love for Chad Ochocinco.

    That said, he is often dubbed as a distraction by the media.

    He changes his last name, talks trash to opponents, and loves his twitter account.

    I suppose that may be too much for some teams to look past, and could hurt Ochocinco's trade value.

    However, I still question how much it will effect it? Bill Belichick seems to love the guy, and he usually isn't one to deal with drama and distractions.

    Child please.

6. Steve Smith

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    Steve Smith is aging, and obviously frustrated in Carolina.

    The team is struggling, and Smith is running out of time to win a championship.

    Although it appears that the Panthers aren't interested in trading him, Smith has apparently asked to be traded multiple times.

    Smith would be a package deal. He is no different from the other diva wide receivers.

    Before he was quieted from Carolina's poor play, Smith was the typical loud mouth wide receiver.

    Diva wide receivers get a bad wrap, and Smith is one of them.

5. Joey Porter

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    Joey Porter is not the player he once was.

    If he could still cause havoc on the football field, I'm sure teams would be willing to deal with his arrogance and loud mouth.

    The problem is, Porter just doesn't have any gas left in the tank.

    It's because of this that the Cardinals are likely going to cut Porter.

    The Cardinal's could look to deal Porter, but it doesn't appear that the pros out weigh the cons to draw any interest.

4. Vincent Jackson

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    The Chargers have placed the tag on Vincent Jackson, meaning he will either be a Charger another year or the team will look to trade him.

    Chances are, he will be a Charger.

    Jackson has had problems on-the-field, as well as off-the-field throughout his career.

    The infamous unsportsmanlike conduct penalty for kicking a penalty flag, to his suspension for violating the league's substance abuse policy.

    Jackson is a stud receiver, but there are a lot of personality problems.

    There are likely enough problems, that no team will be willing to pay a high price for such a risky investment.

3. Vince Young

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    Vince Young is a unique person, on and off-the-field.

    He shows signs of brilliance on the football field at times. Then at times he shows inconsistency.

    It's the same thing off-the-field. Young shows inconsistency with his maturity.

    He showed he was mature during the Steve McNair crisis. He acted as a father figure to McNair's two sons.

    He has also shown his immaturity, most recently with his conflict with head coach Jeff Fisher. There is also the disappearing act that occurred in 2008.

    There are teams in desperate need of a quarterback. It's still unclear as to how much any team would be willing to give up just to take a chance on Young.

2. Antonio Cromartie

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    I really feel bad putting Antonio Cromartie this high on the list.

    He hasn't been suspended for illegal substance abuse. He hasn't been arrested for fighting, like some players.

    He just has a history of making the same stupid mistake over and over again. He never learned from it.

    Cromartie is the father of nine children, to eight different women, living in six different states.

    He didn't learn the first, second, or seventh time. That's not a good sign.

    It's simply poor decision making.

    How long until that poor decision he makes is something that will really hurt his career?

1. Albert Haynesworth

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    Dear Mr. Roger Goodell,

    How is Albert Haynesworth still in the National Football League?

    This man has been suspended for stomping on another player's head.

    He had arrest warrants issued against him in Tennessee.

    He was involved in an accident that left a man partially paralyzed. His Ferrari was exceeding 100 mph when he struck this other man's car.

    He is being sued for failing to make payments on a loan.

    A stripper claimed in a lawsuit that Haynesworth impregnated her and left her with no financial assistance.

    Recently, he was accused of assault during a traffic altercation.

    I understand that you have more important things to do, like fine James Harrison for a tackle or fine Chad Ochocinco for tweeting on the sidelines.

    Would you consider looking into this matter?


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