Why I Hate LeBron James

Glenn MooreContributor ISeptember 28, 2008

Why do I hate LeBron James? A picture is worth a thousand words.

Yeah, I have been raised as a Indians, Browns, Cavs, and Ohio State fan. No matter what.
When the Indians were terrible at the old stadium, I still went with my dad to games. Actually, a lot of games. Watching Alex Cole bat leadoff, and remembering when Albert Belle was 'Joey'. When Junior Ortiz was catching for Sandy Alomar Jr, because Alomar had an injury. When the only sound you would hear in the stadium was the beer vendor across the field, and the only sight you would actually enjoy watching was teenage fans writing messages in the upper deck seats.
But going had its perks. I saw Roger Clemens pitch from behind home plate when he played for Boston. Saw Nolan Ryan pitch his final game at the old stadium. Was at the last three home games ever against the White Sox.
Yeah, yeah, blah blah blah, but this is all leads up to LeBron James wearing proudly a New York Yankees hat—not only on TV in interviews, but also AT the NY-CLE playoff series!!! And then having the balls to wear an Cleveland Indians hat in a interview in Japan—after CLE kicked NY's ass.
Yeah, LeBron has taken the Cavs from nothing to a contender, even though it's looking as a one-year fluke. Yeah, he needs actually GOOD players around him, and yeah, he is a terrific superstar—but in my words, and those of others I know, "If LeBron tore his ACL, I wouldn't care one bit."
Which is true.  I'm a Cavs fan, but my interest in them as gone down. Even before the season started. All because he wore the hat of the team I HATE the most.
And it hurts because LEBRON IS FROM OHIO!!! It's not like he is from New York! He loves the Cowboys, Yankees, and used (maybe still does) to root for the Bulls. Front runner? Yeah. You can say a winning attitude likes winning teams—but c'mon, when LeBron was growing up, the Indians were great!
But the right thing to do for him was to not flaunt it, knowing he is a player representing Cleveland on NATIONAL TV. How does that look to the world that our top superstar is wearing the other teams hat? In the playoffs? It spits disrespect.
Yeah, he can root for who he wants—but so can I.