Ragdolls, Slapfests and Dropkicks: The Funniest Fights in Sports History

Erik PaulCorrespondent IMarch 7, 2011

Ragdolls, Slapfests and Dropkicks: The Funniest Fights in Sports History

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    Not many things get a sports crowd revved up more than a fight, especially if the home combatant wins.

    The NHL is particularly famous for fights being part of the game.

    But, what happens when fights go awry?

    Well, if no one is seriously injured they often become absolutely hilarious.

    Here are 10 of the funniest fights in sports history.


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10. Andre Johnson vs Cortland Finnegan

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    This one is funny mainly because Andre Johnson just gets sick of Cortland Finnegan and pummels him.

    It's unusual to get much more than pushing in the NFL, but when Johnson rips Finnegan's helmet off and feeds him shots, it's awesome.

9. Rob Ray vs Random Nordiques Fan

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    Note to all fans who want to go on the ice during a brawl: Avoid the opposition's bench, or several players will pummel you.

    This one is good enough that the guys who are already fighting on the ice just stop and watch!

8. Korean Baseball "Brawl"

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    In Korean Baseball, just like in the MLB, when you get hit by a pitch, you charge the mound.

    Unlike the MLB apparently, you don't throw punches but rather flamingo fight to the death?

7. Shaquille O'Neal vs Brad Miller

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    Warning: If you're going to foul Shaq, be prepared to take a punch in the back of the head.

    The funniest part is that Brad Miller wasn't even the one who made the hardest foul.

6. Dion Phaneuf vs Jarkko Ruutu...Almost

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    This just might be the best fight that never happened.

    Dion Phaneuf gives new meaning to "embarrassing" by not even giving himself a chance to throw a punch.

    Maybe he should have done gymnastics instead?

5. Ben Wallace vs Ron Artest

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    If you thought Ben Wallace was going shove Ron Artest in the chest, so did I.

    Clearly, we were wrong.

    Then, if you watch until about the 1:45 mark, you get to see Ron Artest fight a fan.

4. Zdeno Chara vs Bryan McCabe

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    Bryan McCabe is 6'2" and 223 pounds.

    Zdeno Chara looks like Godzilla as he tosses McCabe around.

3. Minor League Baseball Brawl

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    New strategy to avoid being jumped from behind when you charge the mound: Karate kick the catcher first.

    I love how the pitcher throws his glove like that will save him.

2. Alexander Semin vs Marc Staal

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    Alexander Semin is known for his scoring, not his fighting, and you can see why here.

    Semin's getting pounded by Marc Staal until his jersey comes off, then the slapfest ensues.

    Ever heard of a fist, Semin?

1. Tennis Fans at the US Open

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    Warning: This clip contains coarse language.

    There are two awesome moments in this video. The first comes in the first 10 seconds. The second comes just after the 1:30 mark.

    Make sure you watch both.


    If you know of any other hilarious fights in sports, please post video links in the comments section!


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