Deja Vu - Mets Collapse Part 2

John MeadusCorrespondent ISeptember 28, 2008

Its the last week of the season, the New York Mets are again in the race for the final spot in the playoffs.  They are playing the Florida Marlins again in the same Shea Stadium that they played in last year.  They have to win this time... right?

Again the Mets find new ways to make me want to throw not just the remote threw the TV but myself threw the TV. 

After the Mets went out and got I think the best pitcher in the game in the offseason, Johan, I thought they would be a lock for the playoffs.

Johan did his job by shutting the door in the Fish's face on Saturday by giving up no runs on three hits and striking out nine.

They couldn't lose their last game ever at Shea Stadium, could they?

The game started out bad for the Mets.  It looked like they were playing game 62 of the season and not game 162.  They came up with no juice or any sense of urgency at all.

Things started to look up when the Cubbies somehow scored a run off of C.C. 

I thought after that the Mets might look to pick up energy a little bit, but there was nothing left in the tank. 

After Oliver gave up two runs and we had to go to the "bullpen", there was a part of me that already accepted defeat and the long long offseason that was to in-sue.  After Joe Smith got out of the bases loaded jam but not before walking a run in.

I really did think the game was over, until Carlos Beltran came through in a real clutch situation hitting a two run homer to tie it in the bottom half of the inning.

The tie would last until that horrible Mets bullpen gave up back to back homeruns in the 8th to give the Marlins a 4-2 lead.  It seemed at the same time the Mets bullpen was giving up the game, again, the Brewers jumped to a 3-1 lead off of the Cubbies and Johnny-Whole-Staff.  It seemed like every inning there was a different pitcher for the Cubs.

Take nothing away from the Brew Crew.  They are a very good team and have as good a shot as anyone in the NL to make the World Series, but the Mets give away there chance at the playoffs again.

This is the first time in MLB HISTORY, which is a very very long time with many players and teams, that a team has blown a division lead of 3 1/2 games or greater in consecutive September and fail to make the playoffs both times.

I think it might be time for a youth movement and a rebuilding year in New York.  I know a lot of people won't like it but I would rather be like the Pirates and the Royals and already be eliminated from the playoffs before the season begins.  I can't take anymore of this losing on the last day of the season crap.

It's finally time to get rid of Pedro, Alou, Castillo, Wagner, El Duque, and even Delgado.  Its time to build up the farm system again since they all seem to be in Minnesota now.  Johan has six years on his contract, in three years they should be back into contention.  Daniel Murphy is a big time player and it might be time to call up the young phenom outfielder Fernando Martinez to play.  Along with Argenis Reyes and Nick Evans in the field and a good young staff with Pelfrey, Niese, and Parnell they have a decent young nucleus to build on.

I really didn't want to have to say it again at the same time as last year but, just wait until April...again.  At least theress football right?  J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS.