From WWE Failure to Wrestling Champion: Colt Cabana Wins Big at NWA Hollywood

Ken DrabekCorrespondent IIMarch 7, 2011

Colt Cabana, living the dream as a professional wrestler. (Photo courtesy of S. Finkelstein -
Colt Cabana, living the dream as a professional wrestler. (Photo courtesy of S. Finkelstein -

Spoiler alert: The following article contains spoilers from yesterday’s NWA Championship Wrestling from Hollywood television tapings. If for some reason you are reading this and haven’t heard the news yet, proceed with caution. For everyone else, chances are it won’t matter to you either way.

The National Wrestling Alliance is the oldest and arguably most prestigious wrestling organization in the world today.

The list of men who have held the NWA World Heavyweight Championship boasts the names of competitors who have helped shape professional wrestling as we know it.

The men are legends of the game, including Lou Thesz, “Whipper” Billy Watson, Buddy Rogers, Gene Kiniski, Dory Funk, Harley Race, Dusty Rhodes, Ric Flair and Ricky Steamboat.

Colt Cabana can now add his name to that impressive list.

On Sunday, March 6, 2011, Cabana defeated “Scrap Iron” Adam Pearce at the NWA Championship Wrestling from Hollywood tapings, ending Pearce’s third reign as champion and becoming the 44th man to hold the famous 10 pounds of gold.

David Lagana of posted this exclusive clip on YouTube showing the celebration that ensued after Cabana's victory. It is truly heartwarming stuff.

Most wrestling fans here on the Bleacher Report probably remember Cabana for his brief run in World Wrestling Entertainment as Scotty Goldman.

Does that name ring a bell?

If it doesn’t, it likely has to do with the incredibly poor run that Goldman had as a member of the Smackdown roster during 2008. His run with the WWE ranks right alongside the likes of the Brooklyn Brawler and Barry Horowitz as one of the most awful in wrestling history.

Despite his failed stint in the big leagues, Cabana has managed to become one of the most popular stars on the independent scene. He is most well known for his role in Ring of Honor, where he has spent the bulk of his career.

Cabana has literally wrestled everywhere. Aside from ROH, he has competed in Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, CHIKARA, All American Wrestling, Squared Circle Wrestling and countless other independents across America.

He was even a part of MTV’s short-lived Wrestling Society X, competing under his masked Matt Classic persona.

He has toured the world, competing for One Pro Wrestling in the UK, Irish Whip Wrestling in Ireland and Zero-1 in Japan amongst numerous other international wrestling promotions.

His worldwide experience has made Cabana one of the most proficient all-around grapplers in the game today. He may be known mostly as a comedic wrestler, but Cabana can go move-for-move with just about anyone placed in front of him.

There may not be another wrestler who loves his trade as much as Cabana.

Last year he began to produce his own podcast, titled “The Art of Wrestling.” It has become one of the most popular wrestling podcasts available and features weekly interviews and discussions with a wide range of wrestling personalities.

After regularly listening to his podcasts, it is clear that Cabana is a lifelong fan of wrestling. Becoming the NWA World Heavyweight Champion is an incredible accomplishment for him, especially when considering the ups and downs he has endured throughout his career.

Some may say that the NWA is not the important force in pro wrestling that it once was, but the fact remains, their championship belt is the oldest and one of the most esteemed in the world.

Hats off to you, Colt Cabana. This is one of the best feel-good stories to come out of wrestling in some time and it is truly well-deserved.