Yankee Stadium Offers a New Remembrance

Chris ValContributor ISeptember 28, 2008

A place where legends played and rivals stirred, a place where hope never dies and its past should be written in history books. A place where pride carries itself lightly, and a place where spirits have gathered in the month of October to stand beside their faithful.  This place is a home, a house that Ruth built, a cathedral...Yankee Stadium.

For some of us, Yankee Stadium will always remain in our hearts and has been a ground for stories to be almost fairy tales. Stories that can be passed on from generation to generation being told just before we tuck our children or grandchildren into bed.

Stories of the Babe calling his shot, Lou Gehrig thanking the good Lord for making him a Yankee, Maris hitting his 61st home run to break Ruth's record, The Mick hitting a home run off the facade in right field, or Derek Jeter diving three rows head first into the stands at full speed.

All these stories will be carried on through time and remembered not only in our minds, but also in our hearts. 

Whether we were there for it, or whether our faith dimmed and some shied away from it, it has always stood tall and it has always been there for us. A time when the biggest attack on our nation occurred on 9/11 and during the 2001 World Series, Yankee Stadium was there with open arms and yet provided a place of unity where all Americans could reunite together again as ONE nation under God.

Yankee stadium healed a city's heart and soothed its wounds. It picked up the people and stood them back on their two feet once again. It provided a mound where the President of the United States stood, gave a thumbs up to the crowd and confidently threw a strike right down the middle of the plate to let us all remember that we are strong!

Yankee stadium was a place where worry went to waste and where an individual could put behind him life's mishaps. This was a true place of unconditional love and belief.

While we may gasp, smile, laugh, or cry over Yankee Stadium's drama-filled ending, we will have a new stadium. A place of new remembrance, you might say. A place where new memories, legends, stories, and fairytale endings will take place. It's a re-birth of a Yankee nation, or should I say an American tradition.

New Yankee immortals will come and fill our hearts with joy, passion, and love for the game we call baseball. A twist in the climax of a glamorous never-ending story as we tell it to our children and grandchildren over and over again, night after night.

This will be a new place to hold in our hearts, a new place where the smell of hot dogs, the crack of the bat, the sweet sound of Bob Shepard's voice, and Frank Sinatra serenading us to his song "New York, New York."

The New Yankee Stadium is an empty atmosphere waiting for us to fill it with hope, joy, belief, legends, and more World Series. 

Let's keep Yankees Stadium in a place where no one else can touch it, where no one can miss it, and where we can all remember it.  Let's keep it in our hearts, so it stays pure and unscathed. And at the same time, we will make the new Yankee Stadium our new home and a house that we will build, together.