WWE Bringing Jersey Shore's Snooki to Raw: Is Vince McMahon Making TNA a Joke?

Stephen LyonContributor IIIMarch 7, 2011


TMZ is now reporting that on the next Monday Night Raw, March 14, 2011, Snooki will be making an appearance.

Snooki, one of the biggest stars, if not the biggest star, on Jersey Shore, had been exchanging regular conversations with John Cena on Twitter, saying how she wanted to meet him.

It looks like her wish is going to be granted next Monday. However, there is no information on whether or not she will participate in any matches or even step foot into a WWE ring.

The story can be found here. 


My Opinion

I don't know if it's just me, but it seems like Vince McMahon, the CEO of WWE, is really trying to turn the screws on TNA and run it into the ground.

If any of you didn't know, TNA has been pushing its "The Shore" angle/stable for months now, including guest appearances from cast members of Jersey Shore and modeling one of its female performers, Cookie, after Snooki herself.

Back in October of 2010, I believe on the Oct. 14 episode of TNA Impact!, Jennifer "JWoww" Farley showed up in the middle of the ring and was slapped by Cookie.

On last Thursday's Impact, Angelina Pivarnick, a former Jersey Shore star, debuted on TNA Impact! in a pretty major role and has stated serious interest in training to become a true professional wrestling talent.

It looks like Vince sees the potential value in taking advantage of Jersey Shore's popularity and is trying to stop the one real draw TNA has for non-wrestling fans by putting the most popular character on the most popular wrestling show, Monday Night Raw.

This seems to be continuing a trend that Vince started back at the Royal Rumble, where he seemingly stole Booker T and Kevin Nash right from under Dixie Carter's nose as surprise entrants. There is no evidence that Booker T was more than a rumor, but both Carter and Nash have confirmed that Nash had a contract already signed that he backed out of.


What do you guys think?

Is WWE trying to turn the screws on TNA? Please pose your questions, comments and metaphysical speculations below!