Wrestlemania: The Miz Tries To Stay Relevant in Twitter Feud With Chris Jericho

Josh McCainSenior Writer IMarch 7, 2011

As Tweeted by Y2J "Your WWE Champion"
As Tweeted by Y2J "Your WWE Champion"

With John Cena focusing mainly on The Rock for this upcoming Wrestlemania, The Miz seems to be feeling a little left out.

After all, the self-proclaimed Mr. Awesome has had to take a back seat to the delightfully entertaining back and forth banter of John Cena and The People's Champ. 

Even though he's the WWE Champion, The Miz has got to be feeling more like the WCW TV Champion at this point.

To try and build at least some heat, The Miz has taken to Twitter.

Last Monday, while his Wrestlemania opponent was involved in a cage match with Alex Riley, The Miz was tweeting while providing guest commentary and snapped a few pictures of Cena to share with his followers.

Over the weekend The Miz, however, did not set his Twitter sights on John Cena or The Rock, but another former WWE Champion: Chris Jericho.

Just by reading the tweets, you can't tell what started it, but yesterday evening The Miz began mocking Jericho about his upcoming Dancing With the Stars appearance.

Jericho, not being one to back down to a war of words, shot back by accusing The Miz of stealing Jericho's last WWE gimmick (which he did), then posted a goofy picture of The Miz mockingly typing, "Your WWE Champion."

The two then traded off embarrassing pictures of each other from their earlier wrestling careers. 

In one picture Jericho's hair looks terrible, and The Miz tells Jericho that, "...you don't go full retard."

I'll admit I'm not one to dig for dirt on any Superstars' off-air life. I watch the WWE purely for entertainment and what I know about these guys off-air is what I've read in their autobiographies.

So I don't know the kind of relationship that Jericho and The Miz had while Jericho was in the WWE.

What I do know is that in a radio interview here in DC with 106.7 The Fan, Jericho was asked by the host Chad Dukes if Chris would be involved at Wrestlemania (kudos to Dukes for asking a wrestling question when most interviewers stuck to just Jericho's book).

Jericho said he had spoken to Vince McMahon about it, but the timing didn't work and that he felt like the uncool kid watching the party from outside.

Maybe, just maybe Vince and Jericho were able to work something out and Jericho will be making an appearance at Mania.

I'm just speculating here, after all, The Miz and Jericho could be buddies just trading barbs on Twitter, but as many of the fine folks here on Bleacher Report have said, this Mania feels more like an In Your House than the Super Bowl of wrestling.

Adding Jericho to the main event could spice it up a bit. What capacity that could be, I'm not sure of. 

He could be added to the card, he could be in Cena's corner, he could officiate the match, provide commentary or just be a run-in. Shoot, he could come down as a face but heel turn on Cena costing John the match, who knows?

It just seems like The Miz needs something to do leading up to this match. The Cena and Rock stuff is fun, but The Rock isn't wrestling.

And in a match that no one expects The Miz to win (at least cleanly), he needs something to do. Even if it has nothing to do with the WWE, at least his Twitter feud last night with Jericho made us all remember that The Miz is the champ and, well, sort of relevant at this year's Mania.


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