The Epidemic in College Football

harry jamesCorrespondent ISeptember 28, 2008

It's an epidemic that's been sweeping through college football this season. It has fan bases divided. It makes me ill every time it happens.


Ugh it still makes me sick to my stomach as it plays in my head. Yes, if you have figured it out, it the abuse of the White Stripes' song "Seven Nation Army." You might be one of the lucky ones whose favorite college football teams hasn't become obsessed with the song.

A few weeks ago when the Ohio State Buckeyes faced off against the Youngstown St. Penguins, I was exposed to the infamous bass guitar riff that is an intro to the song before the first Buckeye kick off. I thought, "Hmm...cute." But as the Buckeyes racked up their 45 points, the Stripes blared through out the Shoe at a ridiculous rate.

So imagine my disdain yesterday evening, as I am watching Penn St take on Illinois, and after the initial Nittany Lion first down, the white out starts into a chant mimicking the bass riff from "Seven Nation Army," accompanied by the Nittany Lion Marching Band. But it wasn't after just one first down, but it was after every PSU first down.

It appears as though this is the song for the season. I watched most of the game on mute. I finally had found something during a college football game more annoying than Brent Musberger's inane chatter. It appeared as though Fight On State had been replaced.

I am all for the diversification on music in the stadium, but when you over play a song, it's enough. In 2005, we were beat about the ears by "Zombie Nation." You mean to tell me there isn't just as catchy of a tune lying around in the press box to play before a kick off at Ohio State. Hey, Nittany Lion Marching Band, learn a new song for after first downs. I know the kids like their hip rock music, but it was a white out last night, not a White Stripes Out.

There are some songs that are traditional things after first downs that are annoying, but I can at least respect it as part of the tradition of that team. The Seminoles have their Indian cheer. USC has their little jingle after a first down. But there's no tradition with the White Stripes.

The sad thing is at every college football stadium is starting to fall victim to it. It seemed like the guy who worked the music at Ohio State knew very little about good music. But stand up America. Take back your stadium sound systems. Take back your marching band. Only you can prevent song abuse.