Could Nash and Booker's return to WWE lead to more people jumping ship?

troy smithContributor IIIMarch 7, 2011

About two months ago the rumors were abound that Kevin Nash and Booker T would be returning to TNA to reform the Main Event Mafia. However, they instead returned to WWE at the Royal Rumble. Booker has since become a commentator on Smackdown.

We haven’t seen Nash on TV but it’s rumored that he has signed a legends deal. The IWC got several weeks of conversation out of this. From discussions on what they would do in WWE to discussions about if the move was good or bad for TNA.

However, one very important discussion that I haven’t heard anyone talk about is if this could lead to more people jumping ship.

Consider that Nash is very close to HHH and Stephanie. That obviously gives him a little bit of leverage in the company. A good word from Nash could get the WWE to consider some TNA talent that may not have considered in the past. Nash has always spoken highly of Eric Young, Samoa Joe, Robert Roode and AJ Styles.

I don’t think that AJ would jump ship, but it was rumored that Eric Young and Samoa Joe resigned with TNA a few months ago because there was no interest from WWE.  Maybe, after a good word from Nash, there will be next time.

This could also work the other way around. Nash left TNA on pretty good terms and still has several friends there. We can all name talents in WWE who we feel are wasting their talents. I could see Nash telling someone like Tyson Kid or Zack Ryder or JTG that TNA would give them a chance to shine where the WWE hasn’t. I could see him telling The Uso brothers that TNA actually has a tag team division that they could do something good in.

I could, and would like to, see some guys jump ship. I’d like to see The Uso’s in TNA where there are actual tag teams for them to work with. I’d like to see Tyson Kidd vs. Amazing Red. John Morrison already thinks he’s the X-Division champion so why not have him going for that title.

What do you think? Do you think that Nash and Booker’s return to WWE might lead to some people jumping ship this year. Also, who would you like to see jump ship?