The Pain Is InDescribable

Matt StaneckContributor ISeptember 28, 2008

These two lifeless souls are the culprits.  Ever since they have had sole control of the Mets organization, the Mets have been losers.  There are not two more offensive people in the history of New York Sports.  That includes the Dolan family.  

The organization does not understand what it has done to its fan base.  For two years now it has turned itself, and its fan base, into the laughing stocks of baseball.  It is downright embarrassing to be a Met fan, and it starts with these two.

If this article does not seem professional, it is because that is not its intent.  Its intent is to let go of some emotions that the author, and many others, are feeling.  Its intent is to show the amount of stupidity a fan has to pour his life into a team that just does not care.  The Mets are failures.  Always have been, always will be.  

It is beyond excusable to bring Omar Minaya and Jerry Manuel back.  Nor do I want anyone to try and convince me otherwise.  Minaya is a disaster, and Manuel may have sexy voice and be a nice man, but he deserves to be let go.  He kept bringing in that disaster Scott Schowenweis.  He also kept going to Aaron Heilman.  Neither Willie Randolph or Jerry Manuel had the guts to tell Omar Minaya to find them better pitching.  

The thing I am most of all tired of, are the Omar Minaya apologists.  This guy is an absolute disaster of a general manager.  There is nothing excusable about signing Luis Castillo.  On that alone Minaya ought to be let go.  It is also a crime that he signed Moises Alou to be the starting left fielder.  And let's never forget, since it still very much matters, that he brought Guillermo Mota back after testing positive for steroids.  Why did he do this?  Because Minaya likes his guys, not because he gives a rip about winning.

Carlos Delgado did not sign with the Mets because he was offended by the purposeful Latin courtship.  He was deeply turned off by the management for behaving in such a way.  And it is no secret Tony Bernazard has a huge hand in the operation of this team.  

There is no hustle and no fight in this team because of the players Omar Minaya has brought in.  They do not get it.  They will never get it.  It is time for people to be let go.  

After a horrifying final weekend the reactor in me says to deal away Jose Reyes.  He may have all the talent in the world, but it is oh so clear he has absolutely nothing between his ears.  He is as stupid a ballplayer as they come.  He is offensive to watch when he strikes out or pops up after being way ahead in a count.  It makes one nauseous to root for such an idiot.

David Wright is a choke artist.  It is very appropriate he did not break Piazza's single season RBI record.  Piazza knew how to capture the moment, David Wright does not have a clue.  He works so hard to no avail, and you can just see the sawdust coming off of the bat from how hard he grips it.

Where is the leadership for these two players?  It is quite clear after three years now that neither Carlos Beltran or Carlos Delgado can provide it.  One of them has to go, if not both.  Seriously, what is the worst that could happen, the Mets miss the playoffs?  Oops, wouldn't that be just heartbreaking.

Goodbye to Oliver Perez and Luis Castillo.  Dan Murphy needs to be taught how to play second base, and Oliver Perez needs to be shown the door.  It would be beyond idiotic to pay that guy what his criminal of an agent Scott Boras is going to get for him.  Goodbye.  Big Game Ollie has turned into Big Dud Ollie.  He does not have what it takes to be a real pitcher.  There is no room for him after two straight disastrous ends to a season.  

Ryan Church was nice, for a while.  It is also clear he cannot be an everyday player.  The Mets had better find a comprehensive player or two to take up the corner outfield positions.  because another terrible deal was getting rid of Milledge for Ryan Church and Brian Schneider.  DO NOT even try to defend the trade, it was a dud.  If Schneider were so good he would have played the final two games the Mets absolutely needed.  But he did not, because his own manager realized he was inept.  And Ryan Church's career numbers show he is a decent at best hitter.  This has nothing to do with his concussions, he just is not that good.  

Johan Santana is the only untouchable in my mind, from where I am sitting right now.  Maybe one day I will calm down.  But as of right now, I do not see how I can go on respecting myself and walk into Citi Field next year.  The Mets ruined my childhood memories of Shea Stadium.  I was there for all the big games of 1999 and 2000.  I sat in the seats watching Pratt's home run, Ventura's Grand Slam Single, Agbayani's extra inning blast to put the Giants on the brink, and every game in that 2000 NLCS.

I was also there for Game 4 of the World Series, where the Mets went down 3-1, and have never recovered.  I once asked Fred Wilpon at spring training what he was going to do to upstage the Yankees.  The man told me he was not worried about the Yankees, but rather the Atlanta Braves.  Well he failed at that too, because the Mets have never topped the Braves.  Big freaken deal they won ONE division championship in 2006.  Law of averages state it was Atlanta's time.  And to this very year the Mets have never owned the Braves, the Braves began this downward spiral.  Fred Wilpon is a failure.

That's the worst thing about Wilpon, he doesn't get it.  Nor does his son Jeff with his smug face and stupid mind.  I saw him in an elevator once with Ed Coleman.  He's a little do nothing loser.  He will always be a little do nothing loser.  These Mets do not know how to capture the moment.  These owners do not know how to capture the moment.  

It is quite fitting that Fred is invoking his dear childhood memories to bring up the new Mets ballpark.  I am real glad he is enjoying his childhood, because from where I sit on September 28, 2008, he has ruined mine.  It is further fitting he would model the new stadium after Brooklyn's Ebbett's Field.  

The Brooklyn Dodgers were losers, and so are the Wilpons.  No self respecting Met fan can step in Citi Field next year unless there are some serious changes.  I vote Gary Carter for manager first and foremost.  But given the history of this club and these owners, they would never make such a winning move.  They are all about being second, and second they will always be.