What's Next for Evan Bourne? Three Possible Ways Bourne Can Return

Charlie GSenior Writer IMarch 6, 2011

What is next for the high-flying Evan Bourne?

He has been on the brink of a World title push last we saw him, defeating the likes of Kofi Kingston, Sheamus and Chris Jericho. He also gave established main eventers a run for their money, almost defeating Edge, Jericho, Orton and CM Punk.

Just when Bourne saw the light at the end of the tunnel, he got injured. He has been out of action since early October and is due back anytime now.

So I ask again. What is next for Evan Bourne?

The way I see it, he can go one of three ways.


1. Return and challenge for mid-card gold


Bourne never won any championships in WWE. With that said, why would WWE skyrocket Bourne to the top without any past championship experience? Every established main eventer started somewhere. Cena had the U.S. title, Orton had the Intercontinental title, even Miz had the U.S. title.

Those mid card titles are a test. They will see if a wrestler deserves to be called up to the "big leagues." Some passed that test, for example Miz, Cena and Orton. However, some do fail and get trapped in the mid-card. Examples are Christian and Kofi Kingston. They don't get the main event spot because WWE doesn't think they're ready.

Evan Bourne has yet to take this test. He seems to have almost skipped the mid-card and gone straight to the main event. Good for him.

What I'm saying is, every current main eventer used those mid-card belts to excel to the top. Bourne needs to do the same: Stick the United States title on him and see what he can do.

Besides, a Daniel Bryan versus Evan Bourne feud would be pretty cool to watch.


2. Revenge on CM Punk. Help Orton win at Wrestlemania


This would make the most sense. CM Punk is the man that put Bourne on the shelf in the first place. Why not have Bourne come back hungry for revenge? And what better place to get it than "The Grandest Stage of Them All," Wrestlemania.

CM Punk versus Randy Orton is set in stone for this Wrestlemania. Evan Bourne is due back any day now. Could WWE be waiting until Wrestlemania for Bourne's return?

Bourne can cost Punk the match and insert himself into the on-going feud between Orton and the Nexus. He could help Orton finally destroy Nexus, and doing so might give Bourne his main event spot.


3. Possibly Drafted to Smackdown


A possible fresh start for Evan Bourne on the blue brand. WWE has clearly been pushing Bourne towards the Holy Grail (World title). If he returns on RAW, he might get mixed with the crowd or ttuck in the mid-card. On RAW, I'm afraid Bourne will be living in Cena's, Orton's, Punk's or Miz's shadow.

RAW's main event scene is a little congested compared to that on Smackdown. RAW has John Cena, Randy Orton, The Miz, CM Punk, Sheamus and John Morrison in a way.

Smackdown has Edge, Del Rio and Dolph Ziggler who is now gone.

A draft to Smackdown would help Bourne. He could be able to get more TV time and have great feuds with Kofi Kingston, Christian, Rey Mysterio, Cody Rhodes and Justin Gabriel.




I like choice three the most. Bourne can really benefit from being on Smackdown. There is less "big" names and more of a chance for him to get the shot he deserves. He could also have great matches with the people listed in choice three.

Choice two sounds too easy. The Nexus is already on the brink of death. Who's left? Punk, Otunga and Ryan? I think Orton can take care of Nexus and take care of himself. Also I don't think WWE would have Punk lose by interference at Wrestlemania. Every match there should end cleanly.

Number one sounds good, but if Bourne does win the U.S. title who can he defend it against? Daniel Bryan and Ted DiBiase over and over again?

What do you Bleachers think will happen to Evan Bourne?