WWE RAW: Where Do We Go Next With DH Smith?

Gina GeatchesCorrespondent IIIMarch 6, 2011

I remember seeing DH Smith for the first time at a UK wrestling promotion with my sister. We planned to go backstage to talk to the wrestlers before the show kicked off (she was dating a wrestler at the time who was working that night) but we arrived late.

When DH Smith made his entrance, my sister turned to me and said, “He just signed a contract deal with WWE, but I don’t think they will use him properly.”

I could not help but sit there and wonder what the WWE creative team would do with DH Smith. His father is the late Davey Boy Smith and his mother, Diana Hart, is from the famous Hart wrestling family.

You could argue that wrestling is in his blood, his very DNA. But what has WWE done with him since he debuted?

DH Smith was paired with Tyson Kidd and Natalya and won the World Tag Team Championship and the WWE Tag Team Championship. The team, despite their family history, had little airtime on television (apart from when Bret Hart returned). WWE never really pushed them as much as it could have.

It almost seems like WWE is reluctant to believe in them.

The team split at the end of 2010 and DH Smith has been left floating around on the roster like a headless chicken. He is in limbo and that needs to change.

So, what should WWE do? 

I think WWE should turn him into a heel, which could give his character the edge it needs for fans to become interested in him.

I would love to see him attack Randy Orton. He could turn spiteful at the success Orton has had in WWE. DH Smith has family history, so why shouldn’t he be pushed like Orton?

It’s the perfect storyline to throw him out of limbo and into the spotlight. Maybe it’s a bit drastic, but the shock value could make it even more of a success.

There's always the possibility of Smith being paired with Ted Dibiase, but I don't see that storyline working as well. I also think it’s best if he breaks away from tag team wrestling for a while.

Another wrestler Smith could attack is John Cena. Just think about how much heat he would get from the kids. He could be angry that Cena gets all the attention when he is the true star of the show, because he is a not just a Smith, but also a Hart.

I know these ideas may seem quite drastic for someone who is not really doing a lot, but I think it’s what WWE needs to do to gain more interest from the fans.