Wrestlemania 27: Can They Achieve the Success They Had with WM 21?

Big DallasContributor IDecember 18, 2016

My thanks to RiZE and his fantastic article which gave me inspiration for this article. His piece can be found here. http://bleacherreport.com/articles/627317-wrestlemania-23-cena-vs-hbk-and-taker-vs-batista-last-of-a-dying-breed


WWE has a unique opportunity at Wrestlemania 27. For the first time since Wrestlemania 21, both world championship matches will have a man who either hasn't won a world title belt or is a first-time champion.

Since then, the last five have featured Triple H, Randy Orton, Batista, Undertaker, and Edge shuffled and facing each other with a few guys thrown in occasionally when injury ails these top guys.

But, for better or for worse, WWE no longer has a surplus of top guys that can be churned together and sell a pay per view. They have had to rely (and done a good job so far) of building up new talent. But, that may not be enough.

2005 saw the evolution (no pun intended) of John Cena and Batista from contenders to champions to main eventers to icons. They each won, defended, defeated, and held their respective championships for many many months.

Since then each has won their belts several times. That is both a blessing and a curse. While they were mainstays in the main event picture, no new faces were able to break through.

Out of the four guys who were supposed to be can't-miss world champions, (Carlito, Bobby Lashley, Umaga, and Mr. Kennedy) none are still with WWE and only one has found substantial success in another major promotion.

However, WWE has prepared much better this time and rightfully so. We have soon to be world champions in Wade Barrett, Alberto Del Rio, and John Morrison, current champions in Miz, Daniel Bryan, and Kofi Kingston and former champions in CM Punk, Jack Swagger, and Sheamus.

The WWE's brightest and poster boy of the youth movement however is the Miz. We all know his history. From reality shows, to diva hosts, to JBL, to tag teams, to Money in the banks, Miz has seen and done it all.

However, when he cashed in his Money in the Bank, people immediately scoffed, saying he was a paper champion. They said he would lose it to Orton and set up an instant classic in Orton and Cena at Wrestlemania.

They said he would lose it to Barrett or Cena, who would face CM Punk. But Miz has proven everyone wrong.

He has held his precious prize for three months and had a couple clean victories to boot (granted over Jerry Lawler and John Morrison).

His wrestling has improved exponentially, playing the face victim during he and John Cena's tag matches against the Corre. Yet all that may go out the window at WrestleMania 27.

It is a foregone conclusion that Alberto Del Rio will win at Wrestlemania 27. It can also be predicted that John Morrison will have some sort of spider monkey trapeze artist moment as he has had in the last few pay per views.

Yet, I find myself more and more unsure of the Miz-John Cena match. Some days I find myself rooting for the Miz, saying he could beat Cena and asking myself why WWE would bother building him up if they were only going to feed him to Cena.

Other days I shake my head at the notion that Miz could get any offense in. While the Rock may play an interesting factor, ultimately this Miz and Cena's show.

When the dust settled at Wrestlemania 21, we saw two new champions, two veterans cleanly beaten, an inaugural winner of the Money in the Bank, and a youngster who came just short in a bitter battle with a phenom.

These four men (Edge, Batista, Cena and Orton) have held a combined 32 world championships and are surefire Hall of Famers. But, their times are nearing the end.

Both Edge and Cena are on the other side of 30 and Orton has been wrestling for 10 years now. Its time to pass the torch.

Wrestlemania moments are ready to be had. Miz, Del Rio, Kofi, Morrison, Barrett, Bryan, and other youngsters are all ready for a moment to shine.

Wrestlemanias before this all had immortals and classic feuds and matches, but they lacked something. Wrestlemania 27 has a chance to be unique.

WWE can pass a torch this year. And if done right, it may be a mighty big torch indeed.