Who will receive No Mercy?

'Rowdy' Ross RutherfordSenior Analyst ISeptember 28, 2008

Hello there, Ross here to run down this Sunday's card of what is shaping up to be a less than thrilling Pay Per View in my eyes.

Women's Championship Match: Candice Michelle will take on Beth Phoenix for the title this Sunday on the same PPV she lost the title almost a year ago. I look for this to be surprisingly good or horrible. I expect Candice to walk out with the win. Management seems to be giving her a pretty big push since returning and it would be a bad move to slow her down now.

Rey Mysterio vs. Kane: I look for Mysterio to get the win, but expect Kane to get pissed as hell and chock slam some people threw some tables afterwards. This feud will not be over here. By the time this feud is over I look to have a (re)masked big red machine.

ECW Champion Matt Hardy vs. Mark Henry: Well a clean win over Mark Henry would solidify Matt Hardy as the ECW Champion and really drive home the fact that he is the #1 guy on Tuesday nights. Which is what I think they will do. The win will probably come with a roll up or a count out, but hey you take what you can get.

Big Show vs. Undertaker: I usually love everything Undertaker is involved with, but this feud has really put me to sleep. I'm tired of the Vickie/Taker angles. I hope this is the last stretch. Show gets the win.  Unless we see the return of the "Rated R superstar" then your guess is as good as mine.

World Heavyweight Championship No. 1 Contender Match: Who is going to win here? Well I can tell you who is going to lose. We are.. Two big men in JBL and Batista will be having a sluggish match for the #1 contendership. Let us hope JBL doesn't win. I pick The Animal.

World Heavyweight Championship Ladder Match: This will be the "Diamond in the rough" this Sunday and I fully expect it to be the best match on the card and possibly one of the best matches of the year. Chris Jericho is just beginning his reign and to throw the title to the "part time" HBK would be foolish. Y2J will walk out with the title in what will most definitely be the match of the night.

WWE Champion Triple H vs. Jeff Hardy: I bet you want me to say Jeff Hardy. Don't you?  I have been saying that for about a year now and it still hasn't happened. I'm losing hope for him. If he doesn't win it in this feud with Triple H then I doubt he ever will. I'm not picking a winner in this match. Just wait and see for yourself this Sunday where there will be No Mercy.