Why Soccer Will Never Be Big in the U.S.

Joe TaylorContributor ISeptember 28, 2008

I'm an English football fan. It is a huge part of my life, I love playing it and I enjoy watching it.

There are many things I love about football, but there are some things I do not like about it. Aside from the poor referees and Arsenal, another huge dislike for me is the word soccer. England invented the game of football, and they called it football because you kick a ball with your foot, hence—football.

So I don't understand why it is called soccer.

Of course, football is called soccer in the USA. Football is the most popular sport on the entire planet, yet in the most important country on the planet, it remains unpopular. Why?

The U.S is a nation that has provided some of the greatest sportsman ever, Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, the list could go forever. However, though, you will not find any footballers in the list.

One of the reasons football has never taken off in America is because they are not good at it. There has been no major U.S. soccer player to have played the sport. In the U.S. their most popular sport is American Football, that's because they are the best at it. The same with baseball and basketball.

I've heard many times, that in America a majority of young children all play soccer, but then as you grow older and you start to fill out and become more muscular you are encouraged to take up Amercian Football.

That's because thats where the money is in the U.S. That's what receives the most publicity and attention.

In the UK, it is every young boys dream to play in the World Cup final. I doubt that you will find any young Americans with that dream, instead their dream is to play in the Super Bowl.

Until that changes soccer will never be as big. People will always want to play in what is seen as the bigger and better sport. It will not change though, because football still does not receive as much publicity. 

Many players, including the best player of all time Pele, have tried and failed to make soccer big in America. Right now David Beckham is attempting to make it big. He may succeed in getting a few extra people to play the sport, but no way near the numbers to make it their most popular sport. 

Will the U.S. ever join the rest of the world and embrace football as their most popular sport?