Smackdown Recap 9/26/08 or Goodbye To The CW

Bleacher ReportCorrespondent ISeptember 28, 2008

The final episode of Smackdown on the CW airs and it's time to see if the CW will regret not renewing the contract.

The show opens up with none other than talking.  Not just any talking, but backstage talking.  Vickie and Chavo Guerrero are backstage discussing what happened last week.  Chavo says that The Undertaker tried to kill him but let him live to deliver a message to Vickie. 

Chavo leaves and Jeff Hardy enters.  He demands a match against Vladimir Kozlov.  Vickie denies it and the Big Show walks in.

It's always interesting to see how fast paced these backstage segments work.  They always seem to interlock several stories at once.  I think it's a good idea to work the backstage segments like this because there is way too much going on in wrestling for every story to have ring time.

The opening match sees Triple H and Jeff Hardy teaming up against MVP and The Brian Kendrick.  It's great to see Kendrick still in high profile matches.  Hopefully, the WWE won't lose faith in him and he'll become a regular in the main event.

The fans were really behind this match.  It had a good pace as it wasn't too slow but not also too quick.  MVP still looks great in the ring and I hope that the WWE is done punishing him and will give him a chance with a title run.

The end sees Triple H hit the pedigree on MVP.  If the faces were suppose to win, Hardy should have got the pin.  This way he can begin to build momentum going into pay per view next week.  Triple H doesn't need anymore wins under his belt.  Especially over the younger talent like MVP.

The next segment sees Shelton Benjamin come out and cut a promo on R-Truth.  Shelton didn't seem confident in his promo as he kept looking down.  R-Truth comes out to his normal opening through the crowd.  He comes in the ring an Shelton walks out.

It was interesting to do things this way as it's almost the exact opposite of what you'd expect in wrestling.  It's good to see creative working differently on this story to try and grab peoples attention.

Maria and Brie Bella versus Natalya and Victoria is next.  Brie seems more confident in herself now.  She was very energetic in her opening and tried different moves in the ring this time around.  It's making me wonder if Nicole and Brie have been switching places each week so they could each take turns being the one under the ring.

I'm starting to like Brie's character.  She carries herself as fearless although she gets beat down throughout the entire match.  She never backs down but can't back it up.  It's a great underdog story.

The camera positioning when Brie goes under the ring and you can clearly see Nicole coming out early was intentional.  The production team that the WWE has is far too experienced to let something like that slip up.  Especially on a show that is edited and at least 5 other cameras to switch to.  It looks like they're going to reveal the gimmick soon.  Most likely in two weeks as the All Star Kick Off show already seems booked.

After the switch, Nicole didn't get the pin.  However, Maria gets in the tag and hits a flying cross body for the pin.  There was no need to have Maria get the pin fall in this match.  She wasn't doing anything and the story is revolving around Brie and Victoria.

The next match is Vladimir Kozlov versus The Great Khali.  It was great to see this at the top of the hour as it shows that the WWE has faith in Kozlov.  The match was short and ended in a no contest, which is good, as they needed to protect both of these men.

Surprisingly enough, Kozlov is such a big heel that the fans were chanting for Khali.  Triple H comes down and Kozlov backs out of the ring.  That was a terrible idea.  Kozlov is suppose to want a challenge.  So why would he back down from anyone?  This was a great example of Triple H wanting the younger talent to look bad.

Eventually, Khali and Kozlov attack Triple H and take him down but Triple H didn't go down easy.  Two of the biggest guys on Smackdown had problems taking down Triple H.  Hardy comes down to make the save only to be taken out.  So it's up to Triple H to come out with a sledge hammer and lay out Khali.

Why does Triple H always have to come out on top?  Hardy could have easily come to the ring with a chair and cleared everyone out.  But it had to be Triple H saving the day.  He is slowly destroying the credibility of the roster on Smackdown.

It was interesting to see that during the promo for No Mercy, they neglected the Women's match.  It's sad to see that Beth Phoenix doesn't get the attention but I'm happy that Candice Michelle doesn't get it either.

We get a quick segment backstage with Vickie, Chavo, and Show.  Chavo is still in fear of his life and Vickie forces him to wrestle.

Chavo versus Jimmy Wang Yang is up next.  Gregory Helms does another quick news flash as Chavo enters.  I can't wait for him to come back as he was one of the best in ring performers the WWE had.

This match was great and really showed that the Cruiserweight Title should never have been retired.  These wrestlers will only be able to show case themselves in filler matches now and will not have the opportunity to fight for a title anymore.

Chavo gets the win with a Rolling Liger Kick, which you normally don't see in the WWE.  The lights go on and off as the Undertaker plays his mind games on Chavo.  I don't think they should be using talented wrestlers like Chavo and Wang as an after thought just to progress another story.

Carlito and Primo Colon versus Hawkins and Ryder for the WWE Tag Team Titles was up next.  This match was fast paced whenever the Colons were on top but Ryders and Hawkins really slowed down the pace.  These guys really should have had more ring time before they were given the tag titles.

The end sees Carlito hit the back stabber for the win.  It's terrible to see transitional champions in the company.  It really brings down the credibility on the title and shouldn't happen.  Unless creative has an idea for a person or a team that could help bring in more money, than they shouldn't be giving titles to people for no reason.  Hawkins and Ryder were the definition of transitional champions.

The final segment sees Vickie, Show, and Chavo in the ring.  They cut a promo on how they will destroy the Undertaker.  The lights go out and when they come back up, Chavo is gone.  On the titantron, Undertaker is beating the hell out of Chavo.

Big Show goes to the back to try and save him when the lights go out again.  This time when the lights go back up, Taker is in the ring.  He gives Vickie a Tombstone Piledriver to end the show.

The Undertakers mind games always seem to be going to far.  This week, we are to believe that he can teleport and has the lighting guy under his thumb.  It's things like this that just make wrestling ridiculous.

Overall, an average show.  Nothing too terrible that made the show unwatchable but it also wasn't anything that would make the CW regret not renewing the contract.  They're going to have to step it up next week when they premier on their new station.  My Rating: B-