Charlie Sheen, Tiger Blood and Manny Pacquiao: What Does It All Mean?

Bill CodyCorrespondent IIIMarch 5, 2011

Sheen is apparently a big Pacquiao fan.
Sheen is apparently a big Pacquiao fan.Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

For those of you that were watching tonight's NBC Dateline with Charlie Sheen, that was indeed a Manny Pacquaio T-shirt on display in Charlie's workout room.

Charlie had the T-shirt prominently displayed and turned to the camera. 

I know he was releasing his master plan for winning his war with CBS, Warners and Chuck Lorre. But what was Charlie saying with the Pac-Man homage?

I for one would like to know. But when I checked his Twitter feed I found no clues to what he was referencing.

There's a lot of possibilities.

Perhaps Sheen was indicating that Manny has Tiger Blood in him like Charlie does.  

He could be inferring that Manny is all about winning—a phrase that has been a Sheen mantra all week.

Or maybe Sheen is getting paid by Top Rank to help promote the upcoming Pacquiao-Mosley bout by hanging a Manny shirt in the background of his interviews. 

Sheen could probably use the money with his paychecks stopped and his legal bills mounting.

Or perhaps he's just a big fan of the Pac-Man.

Who can say for sure?

What I know is Manny gets serious with Freddie Roach next week in the Philippines. And he'll be ready for Mosley come this May.

Hopefully, Sheen will be around to see the fight.