Should we be refereeing referees!!??

David JacobsCorrespondent ISeptember 28, 2008


Well, another dark day for Spurs as they crash and burn, yet again,
to Portsmouth - losing 2-0.

Maybe Spurs are afraid of heights. I don't know. But they still sit at the bottom of the table (Angry face).

Defoe converted a penalty in the first half. Gomes actually got a hand to it, but the shot's power was a little too much for him to handle. The ball continued it's frequently-taken journey into Spurs' net.

(I would like to take this opportunity to thank Jermain Jenas for helping out with the goalkeeping.)

However, the second half saw a valid call for handball against Portsmouth this time. A cross from Lennon from the edge of the penalty box was blatently blocked from a Pompy defender's hands.

Still, the referee refused the penalty to a hard-done-by Spurs team.
Therefore, I trust that Harry paid the referee just enough to look in the other direction.

I'm now going to continuously b*tch about referees, linesman and how silly it is that they are inconsistent with decisions and refuse the idea of the all-talk-no-walk
“goal-line technology”. At least until you decide to close this article and go watch an Arsenal fan gloat about Spurs losing today.

As I say about glory-hunting – Same sh*t, different flies.

Neither Arsenal or Spurs fans have the right to say anything about each other’s team.
Arsenal lost 2-1 at home to Hull the first time they met (yesterday).

Spurs – See premier league table for further enlightenment. Alternatively, ask any premiership team fan for details.

Anyway, referees and linesman annoy me.
Firstly, referees annoy me mainly for that ridiculous refusal of a penalty that would’ve gone in Spurs’ favour to save face.

Strange how they always stand in the right place at the right time for
the ‘bigger’ or ‘home’ team. Yes, they can’t see everything, but they can at least
keep their eye on the ball and not the tasty-looking ball boy on the side of the pitch.

Inconsistency = Controversy.

Linesmen want to be called ‘Assistant referees’ instead of linesman.
I say screw it. Why should they be called that if they can’t show that they have the brains of one.

Cast your mind back a few years to Spurs v Man. United at Old Trafford.
Pedro Mendes for Spurs took a wild hack at the ball from the halfway line.

The ball landed behind a bumbling Roy Carroll and bounced ‘into the net’ only to be frantically scooped out again as if it never went in at all. The linesman supposedly didn’t see a thing and disallowed what was clearly a goal. He was soon fired after that match. But why didn’t he see it in the first place? Ooooh the speculation.

The maturity side of me says it just didn’t look like a goal from his point of view (optically). The cynicism side of me says that he wanted to favour Man. U for fear of having a gum-chewing, red-faced Scotsman shout him all the way back down to F.A.’s head office in London if he didn’t allow the goal.

This brings me to my point about goal-line technology (the ‘technology’ term being used to make the F.A. sound intelligent – It’s just a camera placed on the goal-line).

I’ve had enough of that silly remark about this scheme ‘spoiling the game’. The only thing spoiling the game is the fact that we DON’T have it.

It prevents correct and vital goal-giving decisions being made. I have come to realise that clubs lose money for some reason if they don’t win.

If I was more radical, I’d ask to change the colours of the cards from red and yellow to
two different colours chosen at random each week.

Or I could demand that home and away fans mix and sit in all stands together to encourage the idea that verbal abuse and violence is not the answer to problems like sworn enemies.

Orrrr…propose that all squad members hug each other after each match to promote sportsmanship.

Also, take last weekend’s farce of a decision against Watford when facing reading.
Even Chris Kamara couldn’t put it into words properly.

There was a lot of fumbling around in Watford's penalty box after a corner. The ball was knocked towards and then away from goal many times.

The ball approached the side netting and was then knocked away again. The linesman gives a goal for it! The referee accepts it!!!

Even the Reading fans were baffled by this phantom goal.
What kind of idiot linesman thinks a ball passes completely through the net?

If there is still going to be a group of incompetent, biased officials in the Premiership and everywhere else, there should be a
precautionary measure for that.

Anyone can wave a flag.

If the policy is fair play – Prove it!



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