The Burgh Ready For Ravens D?

Eddie RossellCorrespondent ISeptember 28, 2008

Last week's loss to the Eagles was a result of the Steelers' offensive line breaking down. It was not only the Steelers' line, but the Eagles' fast defensive line. The Steelers are not really used to a defense as quick as the Philadelphia Eagles. Many people are now starting to talk about the Baltimore Ravens' defense and that Ben Roethlisberger will be in trouble. Here's why I think the opponents defense won't matter as much as in Philly last Sunday.

Two words, Rashard Mendenhall. He's big, he's powerful, and best of all quick. A good combination of Willie Parker's speed, and Jerome Bettis' power. As soon as the Steelers drafted him, I felt that he would could be a big part of the Pittsburgh offense fairly early on in the season. His size also allows him to be a better blocking back than that of Willie Parker. Rashard Mendenhall is basically a fullback with wheels. If the Steelers' offensive line can hold up tomorrow night, Mendenhall will have an exceptional game.

Last week, Big Ben was sacked eight times by the Eagles' defense. This has been a recurring theme over the past few seasons. In Roethlisberger's first two seasons, he started 32 games and was sacked 61 times (around 1.9 sacks a game). Since, he has started 33 games and has been sacked 105 times (around 3.2 sacks a game). Knowing this, the Steelers' O-line most likely addressed this issue all week in practice. If they worked out the kinks in their blocking schemes, they should be good to go.

The final reason the Pittsburgh Steelers will win on Monday Night, is their defense. This season, the Steelers are allowing an average of 64.3 rushing yards-per-game. This is second in all of the NFL. And last time I checked, the Ravens were 30th in the NFL in passing yards-per-game. If the Ravens cannot get the run going, they might not be able to rely on the passing game very heavily. If the Ravens have as much trouble as I think they will, the Steelers won't have much trouble in getting a W.