BYU Boots Brandon Davies for Sex: 20 Honor Code Violations We Would Love to See

Peter HillCorrespondent IIMarch 5, 2011

BYU Boots Brandon Davies for Sex: 20 Honor Code Violations We Would Love to See

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    Some very surprising news out of the college basketball world broke earlier this week. BYU starting center Brandon Davies was suspended for the rest of the season for an unspecified violation of team rules.

    It didn't take long for the actual reason to come out. Davies was suspended from the team for having premarital sex with his girlfriend.

    While having premarital sex is one of the serious things Mormons aren't allowed to do, it seems extreme to end his season for it.

    Crazy things are constantly occurring in college sports, so why not take a look at some hypothetical honor-code violations?

    Let's get this started. Here are the top 20 hypothetical honor-code violations.

20. Texas: Thou Shall Aspire To Be No. 1

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    Jordan Hamilton and Tristan Thompson have made plenty of good headlines this year for Texas. On the court, the stud youngsters have guided the Longhorns to a very successful season.

    However, not everything has gone smoothly according to the pair.

    After Texas received a No. 2 ranking in the country, No. 1 Kansas was immediately upset that night.

    In anticipation of possibly being the No. 1 team in the country next week, the duo had some odd things to say about having that label.

    "We don't want to be No. 1," Hamilton stated minutes after beating Baylor. Thompson agreed.

    Sorry guys, but you violated the honor code. Unless the Texas players are looking for an early tournament exit, thou shall always aspire to be No. 1.

19. Iowa: Thou Shall Not Foster a Drug-Selling House

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    Derrell Johnson-Koulianos, or DJK for short, has had a great career at wide receiver for the University of Iowa.

    He has done so well on the field that this season he became Iowa's all-time leading receiver in school history.

    Apparently, DJK was good at more than just receiving. He was great at sending as well.

    In early December, police raided his house and found a laundry list of drugs.

    Marijuana, over $3,000 in cash, a digital scale, cocaine, pamoate, diazepam, hydromorphone hydrochloride and zolpidem tartrate pills were all found in DJK's bedroom.

    For us non-pill poppers, most of those drugs are prescribed for things like anxiety, insomnia, pain tolerance and motion sickness.

    Possibly the worst part about this entire seizure is that DJK immediately admitted to using every single drug they found in his house.

    DJK, you're a bad boy. This one is pretty obvious. Thou shall not sell tons of drugs out of your house while being a star athlete.

18. Michigan: Thou Shall Give Tons of Money to Top Recruits

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    In the early '90s, Michigan put together probably the best recruiting class in NCAA history. The key word was how they were "recruited."

    The Fab Five, as they went by, consisted of Chris Webber, Jimmy King, Jalen Rose, Juwan Howard and Ray Jackson.

    Many believed the uniting of these top high school players was too good to be true. They sure were right.

    Years later, the scandal would come out that these young studs were being paid to play at Michigan.

    It was sad to see that, with so much talent, the Fab Five never won a NCAA championship. They reached the finals twice, but fell short both times.

    Money doesn't always win boys, and the Fab Five learned this the hard way.

17. Georgia: Thou Shall Not Drive Drunk with a Pair of Panties Between Your Legs

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    "If you drink and drive, you lose."

    Those were the words uttered from former Georgia athletic director Damon Evans during every home football game.

    Unfortunately for Evans, he is the loser now.

    Evans was arrested in early July for DUI, but that's not all that went on.

    The police report places Evans and a "friend" drunk inside his 2009 BMW.

    The "friend" was a 28-year-old woman who happened to have her panties in between Evans legs when the cop pulled them over.

    When the policeman asked why her panties were between his legs, Evans went with the smooth reply of: "She took them off, and I held them because I was just trying to get her home."

    Yeah, right.

    Sorry Damon, but you are the loser to your own message. Thou shall not drive drunk with a pair of women's panties between your legs.

16. Iowa State: Thou Shall Not Party with Underage Women Right After a Loss

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    In one of the more shocking ordeals, Iowa State head basketball coach Larry Eustachy made a move no one else had.

    Not only did he get drunk just hours after a loss, but he did it with the other team's fans.

    Not only did he get drunk with the other team's fans, but he did it with college undergraduates.

    Not only did he get drunk with college undergraduates, but he did it while drinking Natural Light.

    On top of all of this, Eustachy was caught kissing and being kissed by several underage girls during this whole ordeal.

    Eustachy has done what no one else ever has and he will forever be remembered for it.

    Does anyone else wonder how Eustachy ended up at a party like this?

    Who would have thought the head coach would be partying with girls the age of his players? Only Eustachy, apparently.

    Larry, you screwed up bad. For that reason, you have violated honor code No. 16, which states thou shall not party with underage women (especially hours after a loss).

15. Louisville: Thou Shall Not Have Affairs in Restaurants After Hours

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    This one is as plain as day. Don't hook up with co-workers' wives in restaurants after hours.

    Now Pitino did make a huge mistake by having this affair, but he has done a great job handling it so far.

    He admitted to his mistake, let everyone know what he did and then claimed Karen Sypher tried to extort him for money and cars.

    Even though Pitino screwed up in having the affair, he is getting the last laugh.

    Sypher was recently sentenced to seven years in prison for extortion and lying to investigators, among other things.

    Pitino got to keep his job and his family, so it's hard to punish him harshly for this one.

    Still, thou shall not have affairs in restaurants after hours.

14. Wisconsin: Thou Shall Keep Thy Band Under Control

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    Band members at the University of Wisconsin truly live up to the stereotype of being crazy band kids.

    In 2008, the Wisconsin band was placed on suspension for allegations including hazing, alcohol abuse and sexual misconduct.

    However, these Badgers have been crazy band kids for quite some time now.

    Starting in 2000, all sorts of claims have been made against the behavior of the band.

    In 2006, the school's chancellor even took a shot at these Badgers stating their behavior is "boorish to patently dangerous and unlawful."

    Wisconsin takes the cake (literally) as the wildest band in the country.

    The University failed on this one, since thou did not keep thy band members under control.

13. Minnesota: Thou Shall Not Write Your Own Paper

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    Clem Haskins was hired in 1986 to clean up the Minnesota basketball program. However, he did just about the opposite.

    Front-office manager Jan Gangelhoff let the cat out of the bag at the worst possible time for Minnesota.

    Right when the Gophers were getting ready for the NCAA tournament, Gangelhoff went public with allegations that she wrote over 400 papers for basketball players over a period of several years.

    Over 400 papers! Did these guys ever have to do actual work?

    After the allegations were made public, Haskins and the university agreed to a buyout, all but guaranteeing the rumors were true.

    When Haskins was released from his contract, he confirmed the rumors, stating he paid Gangelhoff $3,000 for her "extra" work.

    While the players at Minnesota got a good deal not having to do any actual work, I highly doubt it is helping them out today.

    Sorry fellas, but you probably could have used some other knowledge if the whole basketball career didn't work out.

12. Clemson: Thou Shall Worship a Rock?

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    Before all the Clemson fans freak out, just know this is seen as one of the longest and most famous traditions in college football.

    Come on: a rock?

    I really hate ripping on other schools' traditions, essentially because it is their tradition. However, Howard's Rock is just tough to buy into.

    Maybe they could rub a lucky Tiger's tail? Or maybe a lucky piece of jersey worn by a famous player? Instead, they go with a rock cemented onto a platform.

    Running down the hill is super cool, but rubbing on a rock on the top of it isn't.

    Sorry Clemson, but Howard's Rock should be Howard's tail. Thou shall not worship a rock, ever.

11. Oklahoma State: Thou Shall Play Like a Man!

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    In probably one of the most famous interviews ever, Mike Gundy, the head football coach of Oklahoma State, tears apart a reporter for ripping on one of his players.

    Gundy goes on to yell at the reporter for how she broke down one of his players.

    In his most famous line, Gundy screams at the reporter: "Come at me! I'm a man! I'm 40!"

    Unfortunately for Gundy, even if he wins a national championship, he will always be remembered for this tirade.

    The moral of the story is this: If you want to play at Oklahoma State, you better be ready for an intense ride.

    Mike Gundy is passionate, fired up and, most importantly, he's a man!

    This man has no messing around in him, so you better act like a man if you want to hang with him.

10. Florida State: Thou Shall Not Fall Asleep at a McDonald's Drive Thru

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    Falling asleep at the wheel is serious and can cause life-threatening danger. That is, if your car is moving while you fall asleep.

    Preston Parker of the Florida State Seminoles got arrested for a DUI charge after he fell asleep at the wheel. Where did he fall asleep? At a McDonald's drive-thru.

    Parker was supposedly in line at McDonald's,  then woke up with police at his window wondering what the heck he was doing. Talk about waking up to a bad dream.

    After the police smelled alcohol on him, they brought him out of the car and Parker willingly admitted to smoking marijuana earlier that evening. If you're scoring at home, that's what we call a double whammy.

    Parker was subsequently kicked off the team and he is no longer a Seminole.

    Moral of the story? Thou shall not get drunk and high and then try to drive to McDonald's, even if you feel wide awake.

9. Thou Shall Not Steal a Laptop and Throw It out the Window

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    Once Cam Newton really came onto the national scene this year, people had to have something to rip on him for.

    Newton was in alleged "payment plans" to get him to a certain school, but that wasn't very creative. So fans went with what he did at his first school, the University of Florida.

    Newton was arrested for burglary and theft charge, all in connection with a stolen laptop.

    Not only did he steal the laptop from another student, but he had a humorous way of hiding it. When the police came knocking on his door to search for the laptop, Newton threw it out the window.

    Yes, he really did throw it out the window. Newton was caught and arrested for it, but that doesn't stop us from from wondering how he threw it out the window.

    Was it like a pitch? Or was it more like a complete spiral?

    We will never know, but Cam broke this honor code violation.

8. USC: Thou Shall Not Work at Gas Stations

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    Coaches say all sorts of things to get recruits. Promising them money, success, good grades, food whenever they want and playing time on the field are all things commonly heard by top players.

    However, USC head coach Lane Kiffin might have gone a little far in his swindling when he was the head coach at Tennessee.

    In the recruitment of wide receiver Alshon Jeffrey, Kiffin told the highly-ranked wideout that if he didn't choose Tennessee "he would be pumping gas the rest of his life."

    Kiffin has denied saying that, but it's almost impossible to believe him. The man is subject to almost every recruiting violation and he doesn't seem to stay at one place for the life of him.

    Jeffrey reported the remark but doesn't think it's a "big deal."

    To college football fans, this desperate line to get Jeffrey to Tennessee is hilarious.

    For USC, the honor code states thou shall not pump gas while attending the university.

7. Alabama: Thou Shall Not Poison Rivals' Trees

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    The poisoning of the trees at Toomer's Corner is downright wrong and out of line. There is no excuse for the actions of the poisoner, Harvey Updyke.

    However, if you haven't heard the radio interview in which he confesses to it, you really need to get on it.

    It's absolutely hilarious and shows just about how many brain cells this guy is working with.

    He claims Auburn fans rolled Toomer's Corner after legendary coach Paul "Bear" Bryant died, which has zero credibility at all.

    The radio announcer shoots down those comments immediately, saying that can't be true.

    What Harvey did was very immature and he did destroy a big piece of history. However, if you haven't heard the radio interview yet, go ahead and enjoy this one.

    Just remember, thou shall not act like an idiot and destroy another school's piece of history.

6. Texas Tech: Thou Shall Not Lock a Son of an ESPN Analyst in a Closet

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    Mike Leach is a very controversial guy. He has a fiery attitude and you truly never know what the heck he will say.

    His run at Texas Tech ended very quickly, especially after his last actions.

    Leach locked legendary college football star Craig James' son, Adam James, in a storage closet for "discipline."

    The younger James took a video on his cell phone of him in the closet, all but ending Leach's tenure at Texas Tech.

    Mike Leach is known as an old-school coach, but this move is just wrong. Not only is it wrong, but he locked up the son of a famous guy who happens to be an ESPN analyst.

    Sorry Mike, but thou shall not lock a son of an ESPN analyst in a closet.

5. Caltech: Thou Shall Not Win a Conference Game, Ever

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    Just a few days ago, Caltech made history for all the wrong reasons.

    The Beavers ended a 310-game conference losing streak that dates back to 1985.

    That's right, 310 straight losses in conference. Talk about being an easy win year in and year out.

    Not only did they finally win a conference game, but they finished the season 5-20. The 5-20 mark was their best record in the past 15 years.

    They even went winless last season, going 0-25.

    Adding insult to injury, Caltech has not won more than one game per season over the previous eight years. Ouch.

    After winning their first conference game since 1985, the Caltech students and fans rushed the court. They are officially so bad that once they get a real win, the students rush the court.

    Just look at the head coach in this picture. It's very safe to assume that all this losing has taken a toll on him.

    Caltech violated its own honor code by winning an actual conference game.

4. Memphis: Thou Shall Have a Close Friend Take the SAT for You

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    Many college athletes struggle with academics. Not all of them are capable of taking upper-level classes if they stick around in college that long.

    Apparently for John Calipari's players, they found another alternative in getting into school.

    After Derrick Rose led the Memphis Tigers to the national title game, rumors spread about his eligibility.

    The allegations stated Rose didn't take his own SAT test in high school. Since there was no proof whether or not someone took the SAT for Rose, there was nothing the NCAA could do about it.

    Unless they looked at other players on Memphis.

    Robert Dozier, another Memphis stud, had academic problems of his own.

    Dozier's first "try" at the SAT was very successful. "He" scored a 1260 out of a possible 1600.

    Dozier was then committed to the University of Georgia. The administrators at Georgia were shocked by this score, since Dozier had a very sub-par GPA in high school.

    When Dozier was required to take the SAT again, he scored a 720, which is over 500 points lower than "his" previous try.

    Calipari, Memphis, Derrick Rose and Robert Dozier have very little credibility, which all starts with these sketchy scores.

    So if you don't want to take your own SAT, sign up with Coach Cal, who is now at Kentucky.

3. BYU: Thou Shall Not Have Sexual Relations

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    Ever heard the line: "Read the rules before you sign up for something"?

    Unfortunately for Brandon Davies, he either didn't remember them or ignored them completely.

    Davies was kicked off the team earlier this week for having premarital sex with his girlfriend. If he was at almost any other school, this would not have even warranted a conversation.

    However, BYU is a Mormon school, which means they have special rules.

    No drinking caffeine, no smoking and no having premarital sex.

    Davies broke the rules and BYU will pay for it. He was a huge piece of the team that has high hopes for the postseason.

    Sorry Brandon, but you have to know what you sign up for before you want to get intimate with your girlfriend.

2. Duke: If You Aren't Brand, Hill, Battier or Boozer, Thou Shall Not Succeed

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    It's a commonly asked question for college basketball fans.

    Why can't basketball studs at Duke translate their games to the NBA?

    Besides Elton Brand, Carlos Boozer, Shane Battier and Grant Hill, the theory is very true.

    Christian Laetner, Mike Gminski, Shavlik Randolph, Trajan Langdon, Sheldon Williams, Danny Ferry, JJ Redick, Johnny Dawkins, Cherokee Parks, Jon Scheyer and many more have all failed at the next level.

    These guys were all very good in college, some of them All-Americans.

    All these names speak for themselves and they prove the theory to be true.

    For whatever reason, Duke players have a very tough time making it at the next level.

    Sorry boys, but get your degree from Duke and pursue another career.

1. Tennessee: Thou Shall Bring These Items to a Bruce Pearl-Hosted Barbecue

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    Bruce Pearl got in trouble this year for having a barbecue at his house that hosted several recruits. The NCAA does not allow coaches to have recruits over to their house, and Pearl knew this going in.

    So let's get down to it. Here were the required items at a Bruce Pearl barbecue:

    • Chips
    • Orange soda
    • Recruits
    • Wings
    • Pictures with recruits
    • Pizza
    • Family members or recruits
    • Ribs
    • Telling the family members that "this never happened"
    • More orange soda

    Sorry Bruce, but you broke the rules, lied about it, then tried to take it back. Since Pearl served up yummy barbecue to recruits, it will now cost himself and the university.

    Pearl lost a lot of money, he was suspended for eight games and he will likely get in more trouble with the NCAA after the season is over.

    Just remember this one last thing: If you get invited to a Bruce Pearl barbecue, remember to bring the orange soda. Something tells me he likes that color.