MMA Knockout of the Day: The Brian Ebersole Cartwheel That Actually Worked

Sean ZerilloCorrespondent IIMarch 4, 2011

Today's featured video took place at XFC - Return of the Hulk on March 14th 2009 in Perth, Australia.

The man performing the acrobatic knockout is Brian Ebersole, an MMA veteran of 56 fights at the time. His unfortunate opponent is Shannon Forrester, a professional kick-boxer making his MMA debut. 

In the first round Ebersole rocked Forrester with a cartwheel kick, sending the mixed martial arts newbie to his back. Forrester rolled around on the floor, in clear pain, grabbing his face as if it had been broken in two. 

Shannon Forrester hasn't fought in MMA since. This knockout likely wounded his pride beyond salvation. 

For Brian Ebersole, the highlight win of his career now stands as the second victory in what is a current eight fight winning streak. 

Last Sunday at UFC 127, Ebersole defeated Chris "Lights Out" Lytle by unanimous decision in the former's UFC debut.

Ebersole was a late replacement for "The Natural Born Killer", Carlos Condit, who suffered a knee injury during training. 

With Ebersole's addition, the opponents combined for 114 professional MMA fights heading into the bout. With the loss, Lytle fell to 30-18-5. Brian Ebersole improved his own mark to 47-14-1-1. 

Ebersole wasted no time showing UFC fans his eccentric style, throwing his signature cartwheel kick at the opening bell of the first round. The unorthodox maneuver was blocked, but Ebersole would attempt it again at the start of the third round.

It takes a lot of confidence to throw an acrobatic strike like that even once, let alone twice, in the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Even the slightest mistake can land a fighter on ESPN's "Not Top 10", getting absolutely leveled by a ferocious counter-punch. 

Since Ebersole has connected with the cartwheel before, he knows the rush you can experience as a fighter when a crowd erupts in disbelief at the most incredible knockout they've ever seen. 

No, Brian Ebersole did not land his second effort, and he certainly didn't break Chris Lytle's face. In fact, Ebersole's latter attempt failed miserably. He fell on his rear and probably bruised his tailbone. 

But the former Division I wrestler won the fight. A 1-0 record in the UFC means Brian Ebersole is on the fast track to stardom. I'm not going to say that he will ever fight for a title, but there is nothing quite like be able to control one's own destiny. 

The Ebersole-Lytyle bout earned "Fight of the Night" Honors. This marked the fifth time that Lytle has earned that distinction. While just 2-3 in such bouts, "Lights Out" can keep his place in the UFC, should he so desire, due to his aggressive and exciting style. 

With fame via viral video, Brian Ebersole is a marketing asset for the UFC. Unlike Kimbo Slice, it appears as if the Welterweight can actually compete; whether his antics work or not.