Dana White Says Michael Bisping Is 'In Trouble': Is He Strikeforce Bound?

Todd Jackson@tjaxmmaSenior Analyst IMarch 4, 2011

NEW YORK, NY - JANUARY 13:  Dana White, UFC President, speaks during a press conference to announce commitment to bring UFC to Madison Square Garden and New York State at Madison Square Garden on January 13, 2011 in New York City.  (Photo by Michael Cohen/Getty Images)
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In one of mixed martial art's lowest moments of recent memory, bad blood boiled over the edge as Paul Daley and Josh Koscheck aired their grievances in a court forum known as the Octagon.

The heated rivals were given chances to speak their minds through hand-to-hand combat and while in the end nothing was settled per se, both men had their chance to back up all their hot air on the UFC platform.

Josh Koscheck, as fate would have it, won the case and proved once and for all that he was the better fighter of the two, and maybe even the trash-talking king of all time, save for maybe Chael Sonnen.

For some reason, fifteen minutes on the business end of a Koscheck beating was not enough to prove the case to Daley. He disgraced both his sport and his legacy by issuing one of the worst and most blatant cheap shots in MMA history. He sucker punched Koscheck long after the final bell.

It took UFC president Dana White about three seconds to decide what to do with Paul Daley, an extremely entertaining and promising welterweight. Paul, go ahead and take the rest of your life off, thanks for fighting in the UFC.

Now Paul has worked his way back into the limelight fighting for a rival organization, but his fate with the grand daddy of all MMA events has been sealed. He will never compete in the Octagon again because of a poor decision made in hast, anger, frustration and no concern for the consequences.

In UFC circles, Paul Daley is old news; a thing of the past. That is because for all his machismo, tough love, and straight shooting, Dana White loathes that type of tomfoolery in this sport, and certainly within the confines of his cage.

Looking back at those circumstances, many questions are now raised now that Dana White has stated live on a pre-fight UFC broadcast on VS that he feels that Michael Bisping intentionally kneed Jorge Rivera when he had two knees on the mat last weekend at UFC 127.

Dana stated that Michael Bisping is "in trouble" over his actions and considering what happened with Paul Daley, it is no mystery that White is disgusted with Bisping's antics both during and after his bout with heated rival Jorge Rivera.

Once again, pre-fight hype reached a fever pitch, and the fighters developed a rabid discontent with one another, letting their build-up lead into the actual match take control of their emotions. When emotions dictate a person's actions, the unexpected is almost always to be expected.

Michael Bisping has always been a tool. If you can find 10 fans of "The Count" I will show you nine Brits and a guy who found MMA when Brock Lesnar showed up. But he has never shown the type of behavior and lack of restraint that he displayed against Rivera and his corner.

Not only did Bisping dishonor and disrespect his opponent's camp, but he also brought this sport back down to a level that provides all the fuel that ignorant and small-minded bureaucrats in New York need to talk about how this sport has no business in civilized society.

People make mistakes, and it is clear to an entire fan base that Michael Bisping made a huge mistake. Obviously, it is no mystery how the UFC President feels. Considering the fate of another Brit who showed his ass and disrespected this sport, would it be any surprise to see Michael Bisping competing for a Strikeforce title this time next year?

Dana set a tone when he cut Daley; he sent a message to the entire UFC stable: Don't use my venue, my cage or my brand as a platform to run your circus.

If you want to be a clown, do it under another banner. Well Bisping obviously did not get the memo. As far as clowns go, he is a clown amongst clowns as he proved with his most recent ridiculous actions.

It may be time for White and the UFC to keep that tempo which was set when Daley sucker punched an opponent well after the bell. If White believes that Bisping intentionally kneed a down Rivera, and includes his post fight antics of spitting and taunting the other camp, it might just be time to send another message about conduct and consequences no matter who you are.


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