WWE: Analyzing Randy Ortons Promo Skills

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WWE: Analyzing Randy Ortons Promo Skills

Cutting a promo is somewhat an art form that your either born with or you just don't have it. Yeah, you could write a bunch of awesome words on a piece of flimsy paper for some wrestler to read from but even then they could fail miserably as it's about the delivery and how you say it. CM Punk can cut a promo while like Daniel bryan has to rely on his wrestling skills to cover his flaws on the mic.

It's not all black or white either as there are Heel Promos and Face promos. CM Punk can do both amazingly well while John Morrison was awesome on the mic as a heel but as a face he talks awful to the point where it feels like my ears are bleeding. John Cena was loved as a heel rapper but he misses more then he hits as a face in comparison.  

Factor in whatever gimmick a wrestler portrays could limit a wrestler or pave the way to greatness! R-Truth as a happy rapper who rapped to the fans was viewed as someone who sucks when it comes to promos. Then his heel turn occurred which showed him as a demented crazy dude who sees an imaginary person named Little Jimmy while dropping the raps. Surprisingly he can cut a great promo in this gimmick.

Now that I informed those who did not realize or seemingly forgot how promos a work under certain scenarios, we can now move into the flesh and bone of this slideshow!  Randy Orton can work, cut and deliver a promo. Sadly due to a few factors Orton is not allowed to utilize his promo skills. We shall take a Journey to where we'll see how his promo abilities went down hill and break it down to why I believe he still has the goods!

The Ultimately I do not care if you love Orton even in a Billy and chuck kind of way OR venomously hate his guts. It does not require anyone to be a fan of Orton just to see that he's a pretty good mic worker, not the best but a pretty good one.

So let's jump into the fancy time machine called Youtube and witness Orton Promo abilities through out the years!

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