WWE: Analyzing Randy Ortons Promo Skills

Jacob Waring@@Jacobin_WisdomAnalyst IIIAugust 16, 2011

WWE: Analyzing Randy Ortons Promo Skills

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    Cutting a promo is somewhat an art form that your either born with or you just don't have it. Yeah, you could write a bunch of awesome words on a piece of flimsy paper for some wrestler to read from but even then they could fail miserably as it's about the delivery and how you say it. CM Punk can cut a promo while like Daniel bryan has to rely on his wrestling skills to cover his flaws on the mic.

    It's not all black or white either as there are Heel Promos and Face promos. CM Punk can do both amazingly well while John Morrison was awesome on the mic as a heel but as a face he talks awful to the point where it feels like my ears are bleeding. John Cena was loved as a heel rapper but he misses more then he hits as a face in comparison.  

    Factor in whatever gimmick a wrestler portrays could limit a wrestler or pave the way to greatness! R-Truth as a happy rapper who rapped to the fans was viewed as someone who sucks when it comes to promos. Then his heel turn occurred which showed him as a demented crazy dude who sees an imaginary person named Little Jimmy while dropping the raps. Surprisingly he can cut a great promo in this gimmick.

    Now that I informed those who did not realize or seemingly forgot how promos a work under certain scenarios, we can now move into the flesh and bone of this slideshow!  Randy Orton can work, cut and deliver a promo. Sadly due to a few factors Orton is not allowed to utilize his promo skills. We shall take a Journey to where we'll see how his promo abilities went down hill and break it down to why I believe he still has the goods!

    The Ultimately I do not care if you love Orton even in a Billy and chuck kind of way OR venomously hate his guts. It does not require anyone to be a fan of Orton just to see that he's a pretty good mic worker, not the best but a pretty good one.

    So let's jump into the fancy time machine called Youtube and witness Orton Promo abilities through out the years!

Randy Orton, 2004

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    Now, in order to show the devolution of Orton's promo skill accurately, we must have common factors within the videos.

    In each video, we will have John Cena as a common denominator and, obviously, Orton will be in the videos as well. The videos will take place backstage. This will allow us to have a better assessment on Orton's skills. 

    This segment takes places in 2004 where Orton is a member of Evolution and is not yet known as "The Viper," but as "The Legend Killer!" He has more hair and less tattoos and he's 10 times more charismatic then he is now days.

    You can hear the cockiness that pulses out of his vocal cords and his body moves along with the words that he's speaking. When he's praising himself, he smirks or showcases the facial expression of annoyance while retaining the look of confidence in his eyes.  

    The smile at the end of the promo was the exclamation point as it was layered with doubt mixed with anxiety while encased by a web of blistering confidence. 

    Orton was a young Superstar with little experience aside from a family legacy ebb and flow throughout his veins. We all could see the fire within him, as well feel the emotion of his words.  This promo proved that Orton was not a boring human-like cyborg lacking of a personality. 

    The Legend Killer gimmick basically allowed him to have his personality run amok.

Randy Orton, 2008

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    This promo takes place in 2008 on the March 17 edition of RAW. The road to WrestleMania was well underway during this time and Orton was the WWE Champion. He was reengaged in his heated feud with John Cena, which had Triple H involved due to winning the Elimination Chamber match.

    Obviously, in my mind, this is Orton's transition period as The Legend Killer gimmick is in an internal tug-of-war with The Viper gimmick. You can hear the semi-pleading tone of Orton trying to get Cena to lose the upcoming match in order to be physically fit for their 'Mania match.

    Of course, after Cena replied with a, "No," Orton's tone turned agitated which resulted in an angered demand.

    Sadly, the monotone that is sometimes layered in this promo is very evident. The cockiness zones out and becomes robotized in an emotionless manner. His bodily movements go from being fluid to stiff. The unevenness of the charisma with hints of monotone is the slow emergence of The Viper.

Randy Orton, 2010 to Present

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    Here we have Orton in his current gimmick and basically threatening John Cena.

    This promo shows all the criticisms that fans have stated of Orton. He shows barely any emotion in his delivery and his expression never changes. He speaks in a monotone that is sprinkled with anger.

    His movements are so robotic that it makes a T-800 look lively. This results in Orton being more stale and boring.

    One could make the case that Orton is simply portraying a cold-hearted anti-hero with IED.

    The Viper is essentially emotionless except in times of extreme anger. It is in my belief that if Orton was given a new gimmick then there is a good chance he would show much more emotion and be as charismatic as he was back in 2004.

    In his current state, his gimmick is stale and the promos are ridiculously repetitive in tone and substance. Yet, many judge and blame him for being boring, but it's his gimmick, not Orton himself.

    The gimmick handicaps him when it comes to his promo skills as it disables his abilities to turn the mic into a pipe bomb.  

Take Care and Spike Your Hair

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    It’s in my opinion that it is the gimmick fault that Orton is robotic on the mic. Orton has the abilities to be very charismatic and entertaining if he's given the right tools to be so. The most Orton can ever be charismatic or awesome on the mic is when he's pissed off in his explosive ways.

    Now, I understand that some of you will be stand your ground and state that Orton has always been boring. That's fine as we all have opinions and we much stand by our opinions. So, to thank those Orton haters for taking the time to go through the videos I thought I reward you all with a special video of Zack Ryder singing some amazing songs!

    Take care and live life as you dare!