College Football 2011: Comparing SEC Football Programs To Beer Brands

Brandon Cavanaugh@ IMarch 4, 2011

College Football 2011: Comparing SEC Football Programs To Beer Brands

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    Beer is a staple at every tailgate across America on college football Saturdays and that’s no exception for every SEC parking lot or picnic table.

    Each school in college football’s powerhouse conference bears a striking resemblance to some similar suds.

    Pop a cold one and sit back, as we take a look at the amazing ales that the teams in the SEC have quite a bit in common with.

Ole Miss: Big Flats

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    You shouldn't really expect much from either Ole Miss or Big Flats

    Still, the price was right and you needed something to do at the time.

    It exists for some reason.

    Perhaps that reason is to remind us that there is better out there.

Mississippi State: Schlitz

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    Schlitz, much like Mississippi State, is far more satisfying than Big Flats or Ole Miss, but you’re still headed down the same road.

    You’ll still be crashing into a metaphorical ditch.

    For what it’s worth, you’ll be closer to a repair shop.

Vanderbilt: Westvleteren

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    Getting into either Vandy or some Westvleteren is going to cost you plenty.

    Then, you’re going to be horrifically disappointed at what you purchased.

Arkansas: Pabst Blue Ribbon

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    Like Arkansas, PBR is a mainstay and even can be very good.

    After a while, just the idea of seeing it again makes you somewhat ill.

    In then end, you’ll come back to it, but you can never figure out why.

South Carolina: Coors Light

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    Coors and Carolina are both good sometimes.

    They can even be great on occasion.

    Unfortunately, there is usually a time or two when they’re flat out disappointing.

Tennessee: San Miguel Beer

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    Tennessee and San Miguel may not be the best options out there, but you’ll always have their trademark jingles in your head.

Florida: Corona

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    Florida and Corona are both smooth and are both associated with spring break more often than not.

    They’re even a little further up the ladder than most, but don’t have as long of a traditional powerhouse pedigree.

Georgia: Guinness

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    When you approach the idea of this experience, it seems like it could be truly enjoyable.

    After about two or three minutes, suddenly the idea doesn’t sound so good and you start looking for food to cut the disappointment .

Kentucky: Red Stripe

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    A solid beer to hold everyone over until basketball season arrives.

    Boo football! Hooray beer!

LSU: Samuel Adams

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    LSU and Samuel Adams both feature a variety when it comes to looks and experiences.

    While they are only kings of the mountain once in a rare while, they make the most of it and usually lead to some quality entertainment.

Auburn: Bud Light

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    Much like Budweiser, many people enjoy it and an argument persists on which one is actually better on a daily basis across the country.

Alabama: Budweiser

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    Budweiser and Alabama each have rich traditions, dating back to 1876 and 1892, respectively.

    Both are very popular and are looked at as powerhouses of their particular niche.

    You’re not going to see a list regarding beer that doesn’t have something to say about Bud.

    Much in the same fashion, a list regarding the SEC is always going to reference the Crimson Tide near the top.

    Boo Off-season! Hooray football!

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