Dancing With the Stars: Chris Jericho Edition

Josh McCainSenior Writer IMarch 3, 2011

WEST HOLLYWOOD, CA - JULY 11:  Actor Chris Jericho poses at the Crown Royal suite at the ESPY Style Studio at the Mondrian Hotel on July 11, 2006 in West Hollywood, California.  (Photo by Chad Buchanan/Getty Images for Crown Royal)
Chad Buchanan/Getty Images

When the newest roster for "Dancing with the Stars" was announced and the Ayatollah of Rock and Rolla was amongst those competing, every female in my life felt the need to blow up my phone.  Be it mother, wife, sister, aunt, cousin or friend, they all thought this was a devastating blow to me.

It isn't though. 

Above all else, Chris Jericho is an entertainer.  He had three dreams as a kid: play in the NHL, be a wrestler and be a rock star.

Unfortunately for him (and fortunately for us), Jericho didn't inherit his father's (Ted Irvine of the New York Rangers) talent for hockey, and soon after getting his two-year degree, he was off to the Hart School of Wrestling.

From there he accomplished one of those dreams, and not long after coming to the WWE in 1999, he was able to fulfill a second by forming the band Fozzy.

During his first hiatus from the WWE, Jericho tried some acting, did commentating for VH1 in various "I Love..." this decade or that and even participated in a celebrity sing-off show hosted by Wayne Brady (Y2J was the first eliminated).

And now, after yet another Fozzy world tour and a very successful book signing tour (he's now a two-time New York Times bestselling author), he's riding that wave of success to "DWTS."

Though I know of the show, I have never watched it (dancing ain't my thing). But with Jericho on it, I am a bit tempted and can honestly say the one way I would watch is if the character of Chris Jericho is on the show, not the real Chris Irvine. 

It would just be more entertaining to see Jericho be Jericho (especially heel Jericho) on the show.

If Jericho gets a score he doesn't like and throws a fit or starts slinging insults at the host or judges, it would be television gold. Let's face it, all of these reality shows need a heel, and what better heel than Jericho?

Sadly though, I think Chris is on the show to further the Jericho brand and more or less help push Fozzy as opposed to the WWE, so I'm willing to bet we'll see Chris Irvine, not Jericho, when he's not dancing.

Either way, I hope he wins so he can add "DWTS" Champion to his long list of accolades. 

Where guys like Shawn Michaels and Triple H are aligned with Jericho as Grand Slam Champions, neither one is able to claim that he is also a dancing champion.