WWE's Joey Styles Breaks Vince McMahon Protocol, Implies TNA Has Better Writer

Jordan WallingContributor IMarch 3, 2011

WWE Director of Media Content Joey Styles broke away from Vince McMahon's policy of ignoring the existence of TNA by promoting current TNA wrestler Mick Foley's newest book, "Countdown to Lockdown: A Hardcore Journal" today on Twitter.  

Considering the title of Foley's book is a direct play on words associated with TNA pay-per-views and Styles' media position with WWE, this seems to be a change of heart for WWE.

It's well documented in the wrestling world that Foley and Styles are friends, stemming from their time together in the original ECW and then in the WWE.  

Foley has been a member of TNA since his high-profile departure from WWE back in 2008, after conflicts with Vince McMahon concerning Foley's commentary on Friday Night Smackdown.

Styles went to his Twitter account and tweeted, "Mick Foley is wrestling's only MUST READ author 'Countdown to Lockdown: A Hardcore Journal' by Mick Foley http://amzn.to/hIZkad" and followed it with, "THIS IS A MUST READ FOR WRESTLERS! http://bit.ly/gUZEH8."

With his job in WWE being Director of Media Content, he is likely to be called into Mr. McMahon's office sooner rather than later, for stating that Foley's book is the only must read book, thus implying his intellectual superiority over other WWE employed writers.  Chris Jericho responded to Styles tweet by defending his book via his Twitter account @IamJericho.

Let me know what your thoughts are concerning this development.

Is it no big deal or a violation of his position with the WWE?

Update:  Raw announcers also commented on book, but did so without downplaying the writing ability of other WWE writers