The 11 Best 11s of College Football Week Six: The Day The Earth Stood Still

BabyTateSenior Writer ISeptember 27, 2008

                                        THE 11 BEST 11s OF WEEK SIX


1. Oklahoma Sooners                                                       Rank Last Week–No. 2

Showed a great deal of strength against unbeaten TCU during a wild weekend of upsets.


2. Penn State Nittany Lions                                             Rank Last Week–No. 7

Joe Paterno lost one time against Alabama in a national championship game (see picture above). If he can get back to the title game, he may have to face the same team again.


3. Alabama Crimson Tide                                                  Rank Last Week–No. 9

The most impressive first 30 minutes of football I can recall came in their first-half destruction of Georgia.


4. Louisiana State University Tigers  Rank Last Week–No. 8

Give them the benefit of the doubt regarding a "come down week" from the great battle with Auburn. Awesome line play can equal the mighty Tide.


5. Missouri Tigers              Rank Last Week–No. 5

If Chase Daniel does win the Heisman Trophy, he will have earned it against formidable opponents.


6. Texas Tech Red Raiders    Rank Last Week–No. 6

So explosive, so well-coached, that it remains to be seen if the team can perform up to expectations. Rugged road games could spell doom for the complex hi-powered offense.


7. Texas Longhorns                                                             Rank Last Week–N/R

Impressive performances in each game, highlighted by an outstanding season from quarterback Colt McCoy, who has Heisman Trophy potential.


8. Southern California Trojans                                           Rank Last Week–No. 1

If this mighty team destroys Oregon, they will be right back in the hunt for the national title. No one doubts they will be a player come Thanksgiving. 


9. Ohio State Buckeyes                                                       Rank Last Week–No. 10

With Beanie Wells and Terrelle Pryor, this is an entirely different team than the one blown out by Southern Cal. Can they continue to build upon their confidence by beating Wisconsin?


10. Brigham Young Cougars                                              Rank Last Week–No. 11

Quietly going about the business of proving they are the best team in the country even though they receive the least publicity.


T11. Florida Gators and Georgia Bulldogs                       Rank Last Week–Nos. 3 and 4 

Why not? Let them face each other on the field and prove who is the best in their cocktail party.


On The Porch: South Florida, Boise State, Utah, and Tulsa


Conference Breakdown Of 11 Best 11s:

SEC—4, Big 12—4, Big 10—2, Pac-10—1, Mountain West—1 (extra team due to tie for No. 11)