Danny Schreurs Strikes Again!

GuidoAnalyst ISeptember 27, 2008

After the final whistle in our match against RBC Roosendaal, two of our players got into a fight. With each other.


German midfielder Jurgen Heinrichs and Dutch winger Danny Schreurs exchanged punches and the odd karate kick before they were separated by teammate Angelo Simone.


Unfortunately for young Danny Schreurs, this is not the first incident he’s been involved in over the past few years. He was booted out of the MVV Maastricht youth academy after an incident in which he threatened to beat a youth coach with an iron bar. Neither MVV nor the coach pressed charges, but Schreurs' contract was terminated.


It sounds like an odd thing to do, but maybe it will make more sense when I tell you that Danny Schreurs is eligible to play for the Dutch LD-team and has done so on many occassions before. LD stands for Learning Deficit.


To qualify for the LD-team, players must have an intellectual disability with an IQ equal to or below 70-75, as determined by the World Health Organisation. The players must also have been in receipt of special education, employment, and/or respite care between the ages of 0 and 18.


Schreurs was one of the star players of the Dutch LD-team, on one occasion scoring a staggering 22 goals in one match, an international game against some Asian country. The skillful yet tenacious winger was already a Fortuna Sittard trainee at the times.


Fortuna have former manager Frans Körver to thank for snapping up Schreurs when he was kicked out by MVV. Having managed both Fortuna and our archrivals MVV, he was well aware of our financially precarious situation and Schreurs' obvious talent. The ideal combination, born out of financial despair.


Schreurs didn’t disappoint us. After a severe knee injury, he came back stronger than ever, bagging seven goals for us last season. His style of play is based solely on intuition, mainly because he cannot remember most of the specific instructions the coach gives him.


The goals he scored were generally spectacular, like the second and third Fortuna-goal in this video or this goal in another match. Three of his goals won a Goal of the Week award. Because of this intuitive style of play and spectacular goals, he’s a crowd favourite.


Unfortunately, this little scrap will probably result in both him and Jurgen Heinrichs, one of our better midfielders, being suspended for one or more matches.


Danny Schreurs strikes again…