LPGA: Will Under Armour's E39 Technology Create a Tiger Woods Effect?

Game DayDogContributor IIMarch 2, 2011

Karrie Webb, Winner of the HSBC Women's Champions, was cool & calm under pressure... or was she?
Karrie Webb, Winner of the HSBC Women's Champions, was cool & calm under pressure... or was she?Ross Kinnaird/Getty Images

Will the LPGA be the first organization to showcase Under Armour E39 technology during competition?

During this year’s NFL combine, Under Armour introduced a new form of garment technology called the E39. The E39 is a form fitting, think spandex, line of performance enhancing material with an electronic compression base layer that tracks biometric signals. The UA E39 tracks and stores the athlete’s breathing rate, heart rate, horse power, skin temperature and G force generated. The data is stored in the heart of the shirt and can be transmitted to a computer.

After the UA E39’s successful introduction into the NFL combine, I began thinking of other sports it could be used for and immediately thought of the LPGA.

Michael Whan, commissioner of the LPGA , may not make bold statements like his predecessor Carolyn Bivens, who once stated she encouraged players to use Twitter and other social media during tournaments, but the announcement of the LPGA being the first professional sports association to embrace this technology during events could garner some interest and much needed publicity for the sport and its players.

Under Armour already has a line of golf apparel, and the UA E39 would provide additional information for reporters and broadcasters to use during events. An UA E39 equipped LPGA tournament has the potential to provide the viewer with the following knowledge during a broadcast:

Does a player have a faster heart rate on the first tee?

How is a player affected during a pressure putt?

Is a player affected by putts closer or farther than six feet?        

How consistent is a player’s swing tempo during 18 holes?        

Who’s the calmest player during a playoff?

Was the missed putt a case of bad nerves or just a bad read?

I think I have just scratched the surface of possibilities this technology could have on the world of competitive golf. I won’t say the possibilities are endless, but applied creatively, it would also help the sale of the UA E39 trickle down to the average Joe that’s not preparing to enter an NFL combine workout.

This is a great opportunity for the LPGA to grab the spotlight by embracing Under Armour’s UA E39 technology. The LPGA meeting Under Armour could be the start of a beautiful relationship!