Theres a Double KO in The AL Central

Dan WadeSenior Analyst ISeptember 27, 2008

One of the most remarkable things that can happen at the end of a professional fight is for no one to win. Not in the sense that the fighters would be tied on points, but that both fighters lost.

That's right, the very rare Double KO.

The Twins and White Sox are two pairs of Camo shorts shy of being those two fighters. The Twins came out swinging in game one, the Sox countered as best they could, landed a body blow early in game three, but ultimately suffered a shattering punch that laid them on the canvas.

It seems however, that in finally vanquishing their mortal foe, the Twins exhausted themselves to the point of passing out before the 10 count finished. This is a big problem because the fight isn't actually over.

The Twins and Sox were separated by just 1/2 game when both teams headed home to end their seasons against teams with nothing to play for, save pride. Even though the Twins slept walked through game one and botched their best chance at opening up a wider lead in the AL Central, the Sox couldn't take an advantage. Game two started off better for the Twins, but once again, the bullpen couldn't hold a lead and they found themselves relegated to scoreboard watching once again.

Given two chances to secure the division lead once again, the Sox couldn't do it. The Indians have foiled both the Sox and the Twins over the last two weeks, and did it again Saturday. Without Cliff Lee, the Indians have simply outplayed the Sox, a feat rarely accomplished over a full series. 

Sunday gives both of these heavyweights a chance to drag themselves off the mat and claim their rightful place as Champion of the AL Central. Realistically, I can't see either the Indians or the Royals completing their unlikely sweeps, and I surely can't see both of them pulling it off. So, the Twins may have to look to Detroit to finish off the Sox in 2008.

Ideally, Scott Baker shuts down the Royals and Brian Bullington shows the skills which made him a #1 overall pick in the MLB draft, making monday's makeup game an exercise in futility. Bullington can't be counted on, so it is essential for the Twins to shake off the fatigue that drove them down, fend off the pesky Royals, and get ready for a possible one game playoff in Chicago.