Is Pro Wrestling a Joke?

'Rowdy' Ross RutherfordSenior Analyst ISeptember 27, 2008


First off I'm sorry I haven't been active in forever (I miss writing), but I have been reading a lot of stuff and I have been getting a lot of good ideas for articles. 

Let me be my own example. I go to school I have friends and none of whom know I watch pro wrestling, because I seriously don't need anything else to be ridiculed about. Some people (myself included) are afraid to admit they watch wrestling. Why? Because they don't want their friends to say, "That is dumb," or "That it is not a sport. It's just a joke."

It is hard to hear that when you have a real passion for something and enjoy it as much as I do. It's like saying your favorite football team sucks. You just don't want to hear it.

Maybe you have been called out for liking wrestling and it sucks when that happens. I know from experience. When it does happen you just really don't want to talk about it because you just know you’re going to be made fun of and there are only so many people I can say "f*** off" to in a day so I take the high road an avoid talking about it. Like many others do. Which is just fine.

Is wrestling just a joke? Is it just posing itself as a sport when really it is a bunch of men playing "soap opera"? I have found no unbiased answer yet and I can't truthfully answer the question myself. I can however elaborate on the subject.

You can read any article anywhere, but there all going to be basied opinions based on the whole Chris Benoit thing or just by the fact that it is scripted. Which it is, but there is still plenty to like about pro wrestling. People unfairly judge wrestling’s book by its own cover. Wrestling is almost a variety show. Its an explosion of fun and energy. If people took the time and gave it a chance then I think they might change their tune.

Look at wrestling. You either love it or hate it. Wrestling has become something of an easy target for people who believe its beneath them and what they enjoy (football, UFC, etc...).

In my humble (but biased mind you) opinion wrestling is many different things to many different people. The people who love it will do anything to defend it (or in my case avoid defending it) and the people who hate it will do anything to make it look bad.

You can say whatever you want the people who think wrestling is a "joke" really just can't see the good in it. Which speaks loudly about their character. So if you love wrestling then NO it is not a joke because if you really love and have a passion for something then it can't be a joke. If you don't like wrestling then I find it funny that you’re reading my articles.

I thank you for reading and I would really liked to know what you think about this so feel free to comment below.