Why I Despise the Dallas Cowboys

Pete TreperinasCorrespondent ISeptember 27, 2008

Anywhere you go, you'll find a Cowboys fan. I live in Seattle, and I always see jerseys, stickers on car windows, and even Cowboys fans at Qwest Field during games when the Cowboys aren't even playing. It makes me sick. I hate the Cowboys, and to see them win another Super Bowl would utterly disgust me.

One event comes to mind when I think about when I first started to dislike the Cowboys. It was 2005, and the Seahawks were playing the 49ers on Thursday Night Football. Usually during halftime shows, the analysts will talk about how the game has gone, and maybe do a feature on one of the players in the game.

Well for this halftime show, they did a segment called "Who is Tony Romo?". Seattle sports teams spend little enough time  in the national spotlight, and this halftime piece was just one more slap in the face.

Bursting onto the NFL scene three years ago, quarterback Tony Romo replaced Washington State legend Drew Bledsoe as the Cowboys' starting quarterback. Hype started building about him immediately, and everyone seemed to think he had a certain twinkle in his eye that would sell jerseys and win football games.

Watching ESPN feature after ESPN feature on this golden boy makes me want to vomit. Why do we spend so much time fawning over players on this team? Are sportswriters hypnotized by the star?

There are plenty of reasons to hate Terrell Owens. Okay, okay, since he’s been a Cowboy, Owens has behaved himself. However, prior to his time in Dallas, Owens has appeared to be a bad teammate who creates problems. Who knows if this will happen later down the road in Big D. I can’t think of a QB-WR combo I dislike more than Romo-Owens.

For the last two years, most analysts have picked the Cowboys to win the NFC. It's a good thing analyst opinions don't help you win playoff games.

My favorite part of the postseason isn't watching my hometown Seahawks, although their play may have something to do with that, it's seeing Romo's Cowgirls crumble in the first round every year (particularly when he botches snaps).

The playoffs are the one time of year that I get to throw my fists in the air and say, "I told you so—the Cowboys stink!"

The worst thing about Romo is how everyone acts like he’s earned respect, like Peyton and Brady. Romo doesn’t have a ring or even a single playoff win. Unfortunately for me, this year, Dallas is the real deal. At this point, I don’t hesitate to say that they have a great shot to win it all.

This could be the year that the Cowboys advance to the Super Bowl, or maybe they’ll settle for a playoff win period. Either way, Dallas is the most feared team in the NFL right now. The Cowboys are America’s team, Romo is a good ol' American boy, and Wade Phillips is a great coach...yuck.