NFL Week 4 Picks

Eric QuackenbushSenior Analyst ISeptember 27, 2008

I'm back again for another week of surprises! The biggest surprise to me this week is how fast the week went by—so fast that I just realized tonight that I had neglected to make my picks!

So this week I am just going to lay out a quick who I think should win without all the fanfare.

—I'll take the Falcons by three over the Panthers in a heated NFC South rivalry game. Matt Ryan is playing with a hot hand, and the Panthers are reeling from a loss to the Vikings.

—I like Denver to beat Kansas City by seven. This is another division game, but in the AFC West. Denver goes to Kansas City, the fan-proclaimed loudest stadium in the league.

—San Francisco is 2-1, and the Saints are 1-2... What is up with the Saints? They're supposed to be winning the NFC South this year! I pick the 49ers to defeat the Saints by six.

—The 2-1 Arizona Cardinals travel to the 1-2 New York Bretts...

I thought Favre was supposed to be somewhat of a difference maker on this team. Well, at least Miami's not doing any better with Chad Pennington.

I have to go with the steady arm of Kurt Warner and the talent at receiver the Cards carry with Fitzgerald and Boldin. Cardinals by seven.

—Tennessee is 3-0! 2-0 with Kerry Collins at QB, and 1-0 with Vince Young under center.

This week the Titans meet with the Vikings in what should be a slow grind-it-out defensive match.

I take the Titans in this close one to win by three.

—Battle of the Bays: Green Bay at Tampa Bay.

This will be another slow, heavily-defensive game; I take the Packers in this match-up by seven.

—Houston travels to Jacksonville in a meeting against AFC South opponents.

I like Jacksonville's fast offense, and they're at home. I take the Jags to dehorn the Texans by six points.

-A lot of division matchups this week, as Cleveland travels to Cincinnati.

The Bengals gave the Giants a good scare, and if I were Marvin Lewis I'd be kicking myself for not going for it on the goal line at the end of the game for the win.

The Browns aren't doing so wonderful with Derek Anderson under center, so I think this week will be "do or die" for Anderson.

I take the Bengals in this one by three points.

-San Diego at Oakland Rrrrraaaiders!

I am still sold on San Diego; they are 1-2, but I just can't see this team not doing well. There is so much talent on this team (Philip Rivers keeps pulling my fantasy team's back end out of the fire every week), more than enough to sink the Raiders by ten or more.

—I have said it for three weeks now—Buffalo is a team you must watch out for. They're 3-0 and going against an 0-3 St. Louis "Doormat" Rams.

Buffalo is a team to watch out for (in Week Four also).

I take the Bills to soundly thrash the Rams by 10.

—The Redskins go down to big 'D' to take on the Cowboys...

I can't see the Redskins winning this one; the game will be close, but Dallas is too strong. The Cowboys will be 4-0, winning by six.

—Eagles travel to Chicago.

This is a game with question marks—Chicago does well one week and poorly the next; the Eagles are on one week, and now, after last week's win against the Steelers, have three question marks on offense with Westbrook, Andrews, and LJ Smith not practicing all week. McNabb is projected to play, as is Westbrook. LJ Smith and Andrews' status are uncertain.

I'll take McNabb and the Eagles to defeat the Bears by six.

Monday Night Match-up

-The Ravens travel to Pittsburgh to take on their division rival in Steeltown.

Pittsburgh looked really pathetic last week--their offensive line couldn't save Big Ben from being sacked eight times, and Roethlisberger even had his bell rung late in the game.

Joe Flacco is looking really good for the Ravens, and I feel confident in picking Baltimore by two in this matchup.

Last week I went 8-7 on my picks, and my season total is 13-33.  But please remember I didn't make any picks in week one, so I put those down as losses.

Check back next week for my Week Five picks!