11 of the Worst Trades in Sports History

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11 of the Worst Trades in Sports History
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How many of us have played the Armchair GM game at least once in our lives? "If I were running this team, I tell you, there would be a TON of changes." Then we sip our Miller Lites and go back to cheering for Tom Brady to break his ankle.

In reality, though, being the general manager of a professional franchise is hard work. GMs probably get too much credit when the team does well and take too much of the blame when it suffers.

GMs roll the dice with every move they make, but trades are the biggest risks.

Trading players, cash and picks between teams is like playing the lottery. That 18-year-old kid you just picked up for a first-round pick might be the next Michael Jordan...but he also could be the next Kwame Brown.

In hindsight, we can look back on some of these trades and say, "What were they thinking?" but I feel confident saying the GMs who made these trades probably thought they were getting a pretty good deal.

Also, these are not in any particular order. I would be unfair to say who screwed the pooch more than others, so I'll leave those duties to our wonderful comments section.

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