The Future of WWE (Whether They Know It or Not)

Theodore GreenContributor ISeptember 27, 2008

Look, eventually guys like Triple H, Edge, Undertaker, Chris Jericho, Big Show, JBL will be forced to step aside. Either on their own, or more like Emmitt Smith, who was politely shown the door. These gentlemen have had great careers and will all be in the Hall of Fame someday.

Someday is coming soon for these superstars and others as well, like Rey Mysterio, Kane, Batista, and others. However, there seems to be a lack of urgency with younger superstars to grab those reins and basically force the older generation of wrestlers out. They can use help.

For example, with the help of Triple H, Randy Orton is the one superstar capable of carrying the future of the WWE on his back and has earned his spot. While others like John Cena and Matt Hardy are big time stars, they are not young enough to be considered within the "Youth Movement." MVP and Edge are up there in age as well, so I'll set them aside now. So with all this being said...

The Youth Movement includes the following people, in basically this order. Randy Orton, Shelton B., Jeff Hardy, Ted DiBiase, Lance Cade, Cody Rhodes, CM Punk, Evan Bourne, and Kofi Kingston. On the Second level, assuming WWE utilizes them correctly are Ricky Ortiz (built like the Rock), Kenny Dykstra (immense talent, but bland), and some others.

Randy speaks for himself. Shelton, if WWE stops trying to make him somebody and just lets his talent do the talking, instead of his mouth, will have his own wing in the WWE Hall of Fame. Cody Rhodes and Evan Bourne may basically be the top baby-faces of the future and even one day bring back some titles that have no meaning, like the Cruiser-weight title. Evan, could do that by himself and lead the way along with Rey M. to making that title like it was in WCW in the mid 90's.

Cody will probably bring the prominence back to the mid-card level titles like maybe even holding the US and Intercontinental Titles at the same time. This is only until Cody starts to fill out and be a believable heavyweight contender. Eventually ECW will disintegrate and all the talent will be whithered out into two shows.

Which is exactly the format WWE needs. Rivalries between two shows, "Good Young Talent" on both programs and not trying to stretch them across three shows. There is simply not enough talent to go around. As Edge has basically become the face of Smackdown; each show needs two future young heavyweights to take WWE into the next decade. 

WWE, be smart, create longer matches, longer rivalries, and lastly, make guys like Triple H and Undertaker and Shawn Michaels, pay their dues and lead these young superstars so that they may lead the new WWE.

PS—Giving a guy like AJ Styles a boat load of money to come to the WWE wouldn't hurt either.