WrestleMania XXVII: Shawn Michaels Will Screw Triple H on WWE's Biggest Stage

Josh McCainSenior Writer IMarch 1, 2011

Ever since speculation began that "The Game" Triple H would challenge the Dead Man, The Undertaker at WrestleMania it's been assumed that Shawn Michaels would be involved in some way.

Many have assumed that Michaels will be the special guest referee, which is possible.  I just hope he doesn't were those tight booty shorts that he'd sport while reffing.

Of course, if Michaels is involved in any capacity at WrestleMania, it would appear that the deck would be stacked against the Undertaker and his 18-0 streak.

Even though 'Taker is going against the boss' son-in-law, I don't believe the streak is in any kind of danger.

'Taker commands so much respect from all of the Superstars in the locker room that the only way he'd lose the streak would be if he hand-picked someone to beat him.  Of course, that isn't to say he hasn't picked Triple H to do just that.

What I initially envisioned for the finish of 'Taker's match with Triple H was Michaels doing what he could to help his pal, and by the end of the match, 'Taker having enough of it and delivering a double-chokeslam.

Instead of getting disqualified, a second ref would sprint down to the ring and make the three count as 'Taker covers The Game.

However, after Michaels' cameo on Monday Night Raw last night, I don't think he will screw the Undertaker.  I think he'll screw Triple H.

It was all in Michaels' tone of voice and how he kept going back to how he'd be happy for Triple H, but jealous that he couldn't get the job done in his previous two attempts.

The television relationship between Hunter and Michaels, even when they were on the same side, has always seemed to be one of competition.

Shoot, it goes all the back to the Raw episode following Michaels' loss to "Stone Cold" Steve Austin at WrestleMania XIV.

Michaels was gone and Triple H was in the ring with Chyna and the new DX talking about how Michaels had dropped the ball and Hunter was there to pick it up and move on.

When Michaels came back in various roles with the WWE, be it commissioner or just a one-off appearance, he and Triple H always seemed on the other ends of the fence.

And finally, when Michaels returned to the WWE on a more full-time schedule as the leader of the n.W.o., he and Hunter were once again at odds, as The Game was reluctant to join his friends—HBK and Kevin Nash—in the New World Order.

Then Nash got injured and the n.W.o was disbanded and it appeared we were all going to get our long-awaited D-Generation X reunion.

However, Triple H would turn on Michaels, leading to Michaels' in-ring return at SummerSlam in a street-fight match.

Eventually, the two friends would once again reunite as DX and all was right with the world.  Even as they would seem to wrestle less and less as DX, they both remained faces and teamed up whenever it seemed right.

Well, now that Michaels' been gone for a year and Hunter is attempting to do what Michaels failed to do in consecutive years, I think it's high time for an HBK heel turn as he screws over his buddy at 'Mania.

I like this angle because it's less predictable than Michaels helping out his buddy Triple H.

However, there are a couple of speed bumps if the WWE were to go this route.

First, Michaels is retried.  Through different avenues, especially his Twitter page, he's expressed almost no interest to get back into the squared circle.  By all accounts, he's enjoying his family time and all the time he gets to go hunting and fishing.

Without Michaels in the WWE on at least a semi-regular basis, him screwing Hunter does very little to push the program forward since Michaels won't be there for Triple H to confront.

The only angle I can really see coming out of this is if Michaels does what The Rock did last night and tape several promos from home leading up to the next WWE pay-per-view where they'll have one final match, which could lead to Triple H's retirement since it's been rumored that he was thinking about it anyway.

And since it hasn't been announced that he and 'Taker are having a Streak vs. Career match, I don't think his retirement will come at 'Mania.

The other speed bump this creates is with Michaels screwing Triple H, in a sense it devalues the streak going to 19-0. 

In that situation, we can all say Undertaker would be 18-1 if HBK hadn't interfered.

With all that said, the possibility of Michaels screwing over Triple H has actually made me want to see this match.

When Triple H stood toe-to-toe with the Undertaker, my reaction was, "Meh."

Both of those guys had been gone for so long, and with them both returning last week and setting up the match with zero build-up, I felt it was forced.

However, after watching Michaels last night, I'm more intrigued because I am not sure what is going to happen in that match, so I guess Michaels did his job last night and added some drama to what, at first glance, seemed like a slap-dash match.

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