Elite Eight Previews and Predictions: How USC's Loss Shakes Up College Football

Mike MartinCorrespondent ISeptember 27, 2008

USC isn't the only Top 10 or even the only Top 25 team to go down this weekend. There could turn out to be a weekend of shake-ups and upsets. How far USC falls depends on several teams, but most assuredly, USC falls out of the Top 10. 

Prior to Oregon St. out-schemeing and out-playing USC, all the talking heads have been saying that USC is the clear No. 1 team in the country. Some have said that there wasn't even a No. 2 team in the Pac-10.

Well, this morning, the Trojans find themselves tied with the Washington Huskies in the Pac-10 standings...in last place.

The biggest impact of the USC loss is the national outlook of this weekend games and the teams scrambling to show that they deserve the top perch. Other than USC, the other top 13 teams all sport zero losses, thus some sort of claim to the top spot. 

I don't really see much movement in the Top 7, as all play host to lower-ranked or unranked opponents.  There are a million scenarios that could play out this weekend.  Here are a few of the most-likely within the Elite Eight.

No. 2 Oklahoma hosts #24 TCU.  To be No. 1 the Sooners have to:

  • Win
  • Struggle but win, Georgia has a sloppy win against Alabama

No. 3 Georgia has #8 Alabama at home. To be No. 1 the Bulldogs have to:

  • Win in a tight game and Oklahoma looks unimpressive
  • Win big and Oklahoma is unimpressive but wins
  • Win and Oklahoma loses

No. 4 Florida welcomes Mississippi. To be No. 1 the Gators have to:

  • Beat Mississippi in convincing fashion, Oklahoma and Georgia have sloppy wins.

No. 5 LSU has a matchup at home with Mississippi St. To be No. 1 the Tigers have to:

  • Blow out Miss. St., Oklahoma and Georgia lose, Florida struggles

No. 6 Missouri has a Bye week.

  • They picked the wrong week to have a bye week. I don't really see them doing much except moving up if someone loses.

No. 7 Texas greets Arkansas. To be No. 1 the Longhorns have to:

  • Pray for four more miracles

No 8 Alabama visits No. 3 Georgia.  To be #1 the Crimson Tide have to:

  • Crush Georgia

Note: the reason that I only chose Elite Eight is that all of the Top seven teams could actually lose. If that happens, then the No. 8 team would move up to No. 1 because they will have beaten the No. 3 team in the country and most logically move into the spot previously reserved for USC.

Like I said, I don't expect much movement other than the Top Seven simply moving up one spot. But stranger things have happened...Just look at last year...Right Michigan?