Ranking the Top Ten Philadelphia Flyers

Cody ReisigContributor IIMarch 1, 2011

Ranking the Top Ten Philadelphia Flyers

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    The Flyers are undoubtedly one of the top teams in the league, and easily the best team in the weak Eastern Conference. This is a team made of up some of the best talent there is in the league, and I will now rank the top ten current Flyers. This is based on all around skill, potential, and current stats.

#10 James Van Riemsdyk

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    JVR is one of the most skilled guys on the Flyers roster right now. He also probably has the most potential of anyone on the roster. The only true problem with it is he seems uncomfortable in his own skin out there. While fans tend to view him as just a hockey player, he's a 21-year-old kid from North Jersey who's still finding his way.

    When he does, JVR will be a force to be reckoned with. A power-forward for a new generation of hockey fans, and one of our stars for years to come.

#9 Ville Leino

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    Ville Leino. With 42 points, he's the Flyers 5th leading scorer on the year. He's also been one of the most exciting players to watch since he was expertly acquired from Detroit for O.K. Tollefsen. (Who?) Although a hip problem seems to have been ailing him lately, he's still a difference maker on the ice. His seemingly permanent pairing with Danny Briere is also one of the best the team has had in quite a long time.

    Leino is a UFA going into the offseason, so hopefully when the cap goes up, we can sign him to a nice long contract.

#8 Mike Richards

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    Mike Richards.  The current captain of this team is likely one of the more overrated players in this league. While his offensive contributions speak for themself, he just isn't in the elite class he's grouped with.

    Nevertheless, Mike Richards is a great player to have, and is perfect in the role of 2nd or 3rd line center.

#7 Sergei Bobrovsky

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    Oh Sergei. Obviously, his potential is what puts him so high on this list. While he has been having a great year for a rookie goalie, studies have shown that for the most part, goalies peak early. If this is true, we will have a nice, average goalie for years to come, if not, we could have the next Brodeur or Luongo here. Either way, Sergei is a great goaltender for this team, when he's not giftwrapping goals for the other team.


#6 Jeff Carter

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    Jeff Carter is one of the better skill players on the Flyers, and has been for a few years. While his wrist shot doesn't deserve the accolades it gets, he's got one of the more powerful shots in the league. Carter's definitely a star in this league.

    He's currently second on the team in points, tied for the lead in goals, it's no fluke. He regularly leads this team in goals.

#5 Andrej Meszaros

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    Meszaros was traded to the Flyers for a 2nd round pick last offseason, after two disappointing seasons with the Bolts. He has not disappointed. At first, this was viewed as a bad move due to his rather large 4 million dollar salary, but no one's upset now.

    Among the league leaders in plus/minus, Meszaros is one of the leading forces on this blueline, and figures to be the leader of this blueline after the retirements of Timonen and Pronger.

#4 Kimmo Timonen

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    Timonen. The veteran defenseman is a huge part of this team, and he has been for years. His presence in the locker room is also admirable. He's a role model for the players. Whereas Captain Mike Richards is a kid, and Chris Pronger is a hardass, Timonen is a levelheaded presence, and a vital part of this team.

    Not overly flashy or attention-grabbing, Timonen is one of the better defensemen in this league.

#3 Danny Briere

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    Danny Briere. The tiny star has finally started earning his paycheck in Philly. Following up an amazing playoff performance from last year he stormed out of the gates this year, and is still tied for the team lead in goals. Although he's dropped off recently, we can all expect him to come back in dominant form soon, especially come playoff time.

    He's the whole package, and he's a leader on this club.

#2 Claude Giroux

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    Easily the best forward on this team, Claude Giroux hasn't even reached his full potential yet. He's primed to become a superstar in the next few years, and I can't wait. He currently leads the club in points and on a team of offensive stars, he's the one shining most brightly, night in, night out.

    Claude Giroux is scary good, and he's only getting better all the time.

#1 Chris Pronger

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    This one was easy to guess. Chris Pronger is far and away the best player on this team. He has been since he first pulled on a Flyers sweater, and he will be til the day he takes it off for good. A hardass leader in the locker room, and a terrifying presence on the ice, Chris Pronger is as good as it gets.

    So try as hard as you like, you'l never be as good as Chris Pronger, at anything.

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