WWE Near Perfection: Why WWE Needs to Upgrade Talent and PPVs

Tyler WilliamsAnalyst IIIFebruary 28, 2011

Nobody is perfect; this is one thing that is certainly true. No one will ever be perfect. If everything and everyone was perfect, the whole world would be well...pretty boring to be honest.

When it comes to entertainment, though, we as fans want to see the best quality product possible. This is what entertainment is for, to appeal to the fans around the world.

Pro wrestling is one of the best outlets for entertainment.


You get comedy, action and drama all mixed into one and even more.

Wrestling brings excitement and sometimes sad moments. It covers all aspects of emotion.

WWE is the No. 1 wrestling organization in the world, with TNA Wrestling as No. 2 (wait...wait...wait! Correction: as a wanna-be No. 2).

This article would include TNA Wrestling but they are having so many problems that it would have to be a three part-er. So with that, let's keep it moving!

Around this time of year WWE always bring out their best for the fans leading into WrestleMania, "The grandest stage of them all," which is a good thing they capture the fans attention at the right moment to get that big draw for buys for their biggest PPV. But on the other hand, the other PPVs haven't been doing so hot as the number of buys continue to drop.

WWE has taken a new approach by giving each PPV a true theme like Money in the Bank, Bragging Rights, Fatal Four-Way and others. This is a good concept, as long as there are good quality matches to fill out the card. It sometimes seems like WWE hasn't been that as they seem to depend on the theme to get the PPV over rather than the booking.

So how could WWE switch things up? Let's take a look.


WWE's Current PPV Schedule


Okay like stated before WM is always expected to be stacked and filled with sometimes some surprises. With that there isn't really much to be changed with this event. But one thing that does need to be switched is the Money in the Bank match.

Now we don't know if it will take place this year or not but we can most likely expect it to happen this year. It should be replaced because there is no point to have that match take place at WM when you have a whole

PPV theme for it. Now yes we all love this event and it has became a staple at the biggest event of the year for WWE. But this is a great opportunity to switch things up and add something new possibly.

With this years King of the Ring making no sense to a lot of fans as the winner, Sheamus, didn't even receive a title shot or anything...well he did receive a crown.

But other than that there was really no point to the event. Why not have this event lead into WM? With the finals taking place at WM and then the winner gets a title shot at the next PPV.

Now, if you don't like that idea so much, how about giving the tag team division the spot they deserve?

But we all doubt that as Vince and WWE see the tag team division as a dying breed. So why not have a gauntlet match not only would this allow other stars and mid-carders to be part of the card but it could be a great pace match with good action.

To add a twist they should have the last two competitors standing have a cage match or something and like usually the winner gets a title shot prize.

Other than that WM should do fine.

One more thing: They should do something very different next year. Maybe a major storyline (no I am not talking about Sting, this might be his last year a TNA Wrestling) maybe like Vince planning Undertakers demise and it will be with wanting him out and if he loses it's his career! This would be a great tool to build up a young talent as well. Say Vince makes some promises to the young talent if he rids the Undertaker from the WWE?

But that is it for the WM half...on to the next one.


Extreme Rules

Okay ER is a good concept as well and really don't need changes. But if your going to be called Extreme Rules, actually make it extreme; you can still go PG and extreme at the same time!


Over the Limit

Over the Limit has become a throw-away PPV this is why it's not on high demand for fans to order it. It seems WWE don't put to much effort in this card.

So what could WWE do?

This PPV should test the champions who are defending on the card, so WWE should simply set a time limit for each match and if the champion does not win before the time limit they lose their respectful belts. If the champion get's pinned they lose their championship belt. Simple as that and simply have the rest of the card filled to keep interest.


Fatal Four-Way

Fatal Four-Way is a throw-away as well; just stick with the name but maybe add a cage or something or maybe just good competitors in the match to keep things going. Just like Over the Limit, fill the card out to keep interest.


Money in the Bank

Now MITB is golden. Keep the same concept but just add a better filler of matches on the card. Also to switch things up end the event with the MITB rather than the title matches.



SummerSlam is the second biggest event in the WWE. So they should treat it that way! One thing that SummerSlam doesn't have like WM is that it doesn't have tradition matches like WM, so add those.


Night of Champions

Night of Champions is good as you can see all the titles on the line on a PPV card. But WWE doesn't give great matches for the titles they don't care about (tag team and divas) so they should give a good effort towards that and have good bouts set for those. Also they should mix the WWE and World Title mixed together as one big main event.

They should add superstars from Raw and Smackdown and it could be a big gauntlet and any superstar can win any of the belts maybe even both!


Hell in a Cell

Good concept, nothing to change really.


Bragging Rights & Survivor Series

Okay, these two events are really the same! Which makes no sense to have both they should fuse the two or something and add a new PPV, maybe bring back King of the Ring which would make better sense.

WWE should keep Bragging Rights though even though it doesn't make sense as a ppv concept. They should move Bragging Rights the day before the draft! This way the two could play together.

Basically have the whole card Smackdown vs Raw. The matches would handle draft picks and everything. Now Survivor Series is becoming pointless they can
add that match to BR as the headline event.


TLC-Tables, Ladders, and Chairs

Stick with what your doing, WWE!


Royal Rumble

The Rumble was good this year. Great matchups and everything so just stick with that,



Elimination Chamber

Hmm...it's okay, but it should be bigger especially since it's leading into WM.

Okay now for the overall PPV scene WWE you simply need to lower prices. Wrestling PPV's are not high demand anymore, especially with MMA around. You should lower prices to like $20 for the smaller events and raise the prices for your bigger events simple as that!



WWE has been pushing hard very hard to establish new talent which has been great. We get to see new matchups and different personalities.

But WWE needs to figure out something with talents that they can't figure out what to do with them. They should eliminate Superstars and NXT since Tough Enough is back, then add a third show on Wednesday.

Make this show as big as Raw and Smackdown add a bunch of young up coming talent
to this brand and stars who can't get over and have two belts on the show.

Like a cruiser-weight and a world title type. Have the world title like a rising star title, basically.

Okay this article is longer then expected but had to get all that out. Now let's hear from you! What do you think WWE should switch up? What should they add? Who should they push?

Leave a comment and speak your mind!



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