The WWE Monthly Achievement Awards : February Edition

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The WWE Monthly Achievement Awards : February Edition

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    Photo Courtesy Of WWE.COM
    Photo Courtesy Of WWE.COM

    Greetings, members of the B/R and all else. At the end of January, I brought the first installment of this series to you; I now bring to you the second. For those of you who missed "The WWE Monthly Achievement Awards : January Edition" check out the link below:

    February has been a fantastic month for the WWE, and viewing the presentation of these awards will make this statement a valid one.

    The feedback given to me for January's edition of this slideshow was great, and it is so that I was able to create many new awards. Hopefully, I have done a good job at bringing these awards to your front door.

    So without further ado, enjoy.

Best Divas Match of the Month

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    Superstars: 10th, February

    Natalya vs. Alicia Fox [Singles Match]

    For the second straight month, the best monthly Divas match comes from the one and only Superstars. While not a great match, it was - at the very least - somewhat fun to watch. The Divas division has disintegrated into something resembling absolute nothingness, just like the once-epic Tag Team division. Natalya is a good performer, and Alicia seems to be getting there. I actually like her. Natalya's Sharpshooter this time around was nicely done before the Wisconsin crowd. Clocking in at roughly six minutes, Alicia Fox was forced to submit to Natalya, in a match I would say Natalya carried her quite well in, though Fox was a bit "rough around the edges". Still, it was better than the average Divas match.

Best Promo/Segment of the Month

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    Raw: 14th, February

    Finally, The Rock Has Come Back... Home!

    The Rock takes the cake this time around for both the Best Promo AND Segment of February. You'd think the award means "either or" but let's face it: When it's "The Great One", he takes the award any day for either of them. If I say the the live crowd of Anaheim, California had erupted or exploded, I wouldn't be doing them any justice. What an ovation The Rock received, and rightfully so. Being the guest host for Wrestlemania 27, one can only expect great things from "The Great One". The guy made sure to use most, if not all, of his catchphrases to send the crowd into hysteria over and over again. Nostalgia much? He even bullied around Michael Cole for old times' sake. "The Brahma Bull" also gave notice to John Cena and The Miz. Nice. To reflect the gravitational force of The Rock's promo/segment, think to yourself: "What else happened on that show?" You can't remember, can you? That's how you tell it's that big of a deal. This was perhaps the greatest twenty minutes of television I ever saw in recent WWE history. "The Most Electrifying Man In Sports Entertainment" definitely captures the Best Promo/Segment Of The February Achievement.

Worst Promo/Segment of the Month

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    Raw: 28th, February


    Now, I was going to pick the "Khali Kiss-Cam" segment from the Raw: 14th, February edition of Raw. However, John Cena saw it fit to transform a good segment into crap, granting him and company (The Miz and Alex Riley) the Worst Promo/Segment of February Achievement... If you'd even want to refer to that as an "Achievement". Now, I understand that February didn't really have any terrible or unwatchable segments - until the very last day. The thing of it is, "Khali Kiss-Cam" segment was seemingly made as painless as possible by giving it a short air time, which worked out fine, I is The Miz. As for Alex Riley and John Cena, they just have to understand that bland, lousy, lame, unfunny, stale and childish jokes are not any way to exhibit serious attitudes, especially when one like John Cena has to headline Wrestlemania and prove his worth as a competitor in the squared circle. The only good thing about this promo/segment was Michael Cole telling Josh Matthews to sit down, because he was only going to throw him a bone once. Why did this segment have to be so long? Very, very painful and not worth the time at all.

Best Moment of the Month

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    Raw: 21st, February

    Questions Are Answered

    This was heralded as one of the greatest stare-downs in the history of the WWE, period. To me, Triple H's return to face "The Deadman" was imminent, but the manner in which he was booked to return caught me off-guard. I mean, INSTANTLY after The Undertaker's entrance? Wow. Very nice.

    To credit these two all-time greats, it needs to be noted that they basically made Wrestlemania 27 one of the most highly anticipated events - by not even speaking a single word. Their intense confrontation had the crowd going crazy, and it's awesome to know that they used their legacies alone to sell their encounter. I even marked out when The Undertaker smirked - It's just not something you see everyday. When you see that, you know things are going to get interesting. What will they bring to the table 10 years after their first Wrestlemania match? We shall see.

    On an interesting note, why was The Undertaker even on Raw? He never knew Triple H was coming... What? Was he even going to speak? Was he just going to appear, soak up the cheers and then disappear after doing nothing? Makes you wonder...

    Questions aside, one thing is certain - This is definitely the "Best Moment Of The February".

Shocker of the Month

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    Raw: 14th, February

    And The Wrestlemania 27 Guest Host Is?

    It's The Rock. 'Nuff said.

Best Free Televised Match of February: 3rd Place

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    Smackdown: 4th, February

    Drew McIntyre vs Kofi Kingston [Singles Match, Elimination Chamber Qualifying Match]

    This thirteen-minute match was well booked, and I liked it. The crowd was surely in support of the Intercontinental Champion, Kofi Kingston, and his energy reflected it. At the beginning of the match, Drew McIntyre wasted no time, pulling out his hairband and throwing it away; You knew he meant business. These simple things make a match special, to me at least. All of these things are part of storytelling, and this aspect was well-executed by both performers. At one point in time, Kofi took a sick bump on the steel steps just outside the ring and, as a result, this set the game-plan for the "Sinister Scotsman" for the rest of the match. McIntyre's agression is his meal ticket. The crowd would witness Alberto's Del Rio's "interference" via the titantron, as well as Kofi Kingston's subsequent loss. McIntyre nailed him with the "Future Shock DDT", gaining himself both a victory over the Intercontinental Champion and a secured spot in the Elimination Chamber contest all in front of the Long Island, N.Y. audience. From where I see things, Kofi Kingston nearly appeared on this list twice, as he came in at the non-listed fourth place (versus The Miz). Overall, this made for great television and it deservedly garners enough attention to claim the 3rd Place Best Free Televised Match Of February Achievement.

Best Free Televised Match of February: 2nd Place

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    Smackdown: 18th, February

    Edge, John Cena, Randy Orton, John Morrison, Rey Mysterio & R-Truth vs CM Punk, Kane, Drew McIntyre, Dolph Ziggler, Wade Barrett & Sheamus [12-Man Tag Team Match]

    This was the opening contest for the 600th episode of Smackdown, and I think it was a very entertaining and a lengthy match-up that had the San Diego crowd hot from start to finish. What stood out the most was the last minute of the match; Yes, the very last minute which saw members of both teams use their finishing maneuvers on a member of the other team. Apart from the finish, there were three very nice maneuvers used. The first being when Dolph Ziggler interrupted John Morrison's "Starship Pain" mid-way and used his momentum to execute an inverted slam of some sort on Morrison. Awesome. Secondly, the power-house in Kane threw Mysterio (sliding on the mat) under the bottom rope and outside of the ring, where Mysterio's face made impact with CM Punk's knee. Very nice. I thought of the idea as somewhat innovative. Thirdly, Mysterio executed a perfect moonsault on Wade Barrett. I think a moonsault adds a nice touch to any match. Making this match even greater was the fact that CM Punk mocked Morrison by pretending to cry, in relation to when he sprayed his eyes on Raw. The heel genius that is CM Punk is the greatest heel today. Fact. Edge snagged the victory for his team by spearing Dolph Ziggler. This wasn't the standard everyday match in some aspects, and I think its great entertainment earned this match the 2nd Place Best Free Televised Match Of February Achievement.

Best Free Televised Match of February: 1st Place

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    Raw: 14th, February

    The Miz vs Daniel Bryan [Singles Match]

    We've seen these two superstars battle it out before and the energetic fans in Anaheim, California were about to see it up-close this time around. Recently, The Miz has been underrated by many and, quite frankly, I think he can wrestle well. The funny thing about The Miz and Daniel Bryan is that many feel that they both are being held back immensely, in terms of what they can do in the squared circle. I agree. The near-ten-minute match-up had the two champions going one-on-one with each other, a type of match-up seldom seen, and its storytelling aspect, was great. Both performers executed submission maneuvers, which was a nice touch to the match, and the crowd was spectacular as they made things greater than they actually were. Though the United States Championship has been viewed as nothing close to important in recent memory, I think this match helped to somewhat redeem the status at which the champion himself holds the title. Seeing Daniel Bryan execute a "Sunset Flip Powerbomb" on The Miz was cool. The United States Champion looked equally great compared to the WWE Champion. Their history certainly added something special to the match and I believe it played a little part of helping this match to gain the accolade that is the 1st Place Best Free Televised Match Of February Achievement. The icing on the cake, for me, was actually seeing The Miz gain himself a clean pinfall victory over Daniel Bryan via "Skull Crushing Finale". Very Awesome. If The Rock had not made his triumphant return on the very Raw on which this match took place, I believe this match would have been the highlight of the night, guaranteed.

Botch of the Month

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    Raw: 7th, February

    "Greenbay, Winconsin... Botch up?!"

    R-Truth, you never fail to disappoint. During this horrid entrance, he managed to botch the name of the city he was in. He said, "Green Bay, Wisconsin"... They were in Milwaukee. Thank you very much for this moment, R-Truth. On making this sad excuse of a mistake, Michael Cole over-reacted to his erroneous actions. It was actually pretty funny, especially when the entire arena began chanting, "Milwaukee!" Well, R-truth really needs to get himself a G.P.S. and that is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. People are gong to be "face-palming" the guy for a long time, just like he's doing himself in the picture to the left.

Spot of the Month

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    Elimination Chamber 2011

    Two Words: John Morrison

    John Freaking Morrison has just done it again. His innovative and flashy techniques have just earned him the Maneuver/Spot Of February Achievement. We saw his agile reflexes in the Royal Rumble in January and now, in February, he has shown us more. When he scaled his way 16 feet up to the roof of the Elimination Chamber only to leap onto a bewildered Sheamus, my eyes opened with excitement. His greatness was complimented by the ecstatic live crowd in attendance; The place was going crazy. How can one even begin to describe his potential? This guy is going to reach the top and when he does, it'll be one of the most glorious days in WWE history. Shining brighter than ever, expect John Morrison to be in the bigger picture of things in 2011.

Overall Best Brand of the Month

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    Just as it did in January, Raw takes this achievement of being the Overall Best Brand Of The February. Unfourtunately, Smackdown has yet to recover from its lackluster era. One could easily confute this by saying that it's "Wrestlemania Season" so all the attention is focused on Raw. We'll see where Smackdown's reputation goes after March. Normally, I'd defend the "Blue Brand" from being termed the "B-Show", but lately I think I'd agree with it.

Heel Superstar of the Month

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    CM Punk

    The genius that is CM Punk is our Heel Superstar of February, and righteously so. He's had a winning streak over John Cena, and his heated rivalry with Randy Orton is just getting started. Really and truly, I think he's going to take this very same achievement for March's month, because I think we haven't seen anything yet. While I did think of having Alberto Del Rio take this award this time around, I think CM Punk's mastery of the heel arts have allowed him to take this one home. I believe it's the smallest things that help make any match, or help to make any character. CM Punk's taunting and mockery of his opponents have shown how talented he is. All of these aspects are a part of storytelling in his matches. I see him as the top "cool heel", a role I believe the replaced the now-face Edge with.

Face Superstar of the Month

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    OMG. I hate referring to Edge as a face, but it is what it is. Calling it down the middle, I see Edge taking the Face Superstar of February Achievement because let's face it - He's been on a roll lately. I mean, he was fired, re-hired and then he became the reason both Dolph Ziggler and Vickie Guerrero were "fired" from the WWE. Add that to the fact that he added yet another reign as World Heavyweight Champion to his list of accomplishments despite "losing" it for 90 minutes (an idea I hated). Oh yeah, he was one of two first articipants in, quite possibly, the greatest Elimination Chamber match-up and fought all the way to the end, ultimately coming out victorious. Currently, he's trapped in a pathetic excuse for a storyline. That's only my view of things and, most likely, many may disagree with it.

Best Pay-Per-View Match of the Month

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    Elimination Chamber 2011

    Edge vs Rey Mysterio vs Wade Barrett vs Kane vs Drew McIntyre vs The Big Show [Elimination Chamber Match for the World Heavyweight Championship]

    Quite possibly, this may be my favourite match of its type, mainly because five out of the six competitors were given their time to shine. What made this match even greater was the fact that they were set to perform in front of a wonderful crowd who was red-hot from the start of the match to its finish. Let's see... Fast-paced? Check. Intense? Check. Exciting? Check. Believable? Check. Story-telling? Check. Drama? Check. Psychology? Check, check and check. Believe me, this match had so much going for it. The competitors should be respected after their performances, and they each added something special to the match. Mysterio was undoubtedly the M.V.P. of the match as he took some brutal bumps and managed to hang in there from the beginning until the very end, which made for some interesting entertainment seeing as how he was the smallest guy in there. He was a soldier, and I respected that. Kane was finally given the nod to go out there and actually be the "Big Red Monster" he truly is, and I thought to myself, "Where was this guy for the past several years?" Suffice it to say, this was his fourth Elimination Chamber contest, and this marked the first time he eliminated any competitor. Drew McIntyre unleashed a side of him I hope to see more of. During his entrance, he taunted Kane. Correct me if I'm wrong, but don't most superstars usually try their best to not get a guy like Kane's attention? WWE is making this guy into a character which leaves you wanting more... I love it. Drew McIntyre's mean-streak is unlike anyone's I've ever seen before, and I believe this match opened many individuals' eyes as to how immense his potential truly is. Excellent material. The diligent superstars of the Smackdown brand take this one home as they deservedly get the Best Pay-Per-View Match Of February Achievement.

The End

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    Well, that's it for today! I hope you found pleasure in remembering the events of the past four weeks. I take it a third installment is given the nod? Wonderful.

    With Wrestlemania set to culminate one day after the end of March, this month is sure to be off the chain.

    I sincerely hope I was as unbiased as can be, and I implore you to give your feedback on this slideshow. Describe it for me, and tell me if any awards were pointless or whether or not other awards should be added to the mix. Remember, feedback is important because I need to know what you think.

    As always, I'd like to thank you all for reading this piece and I wish you the best.

    Have a nice day.